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I've always felt like my life balance wasn't right and I spent way too much time working whether it was being a nurse or being a blogger. I spent far too much time putting my focus outwards on helping other people instead of focusing inwards on myself, taking time for me was always a goal I set for myself but I never actually ended up acting on it so when the lovely Lauren gifted me some of her coaching sessions, it honestly couldn't have come at a better time for me!

What Is Life Coaching?
What a life coach really does varies depending on what your specific goals are and what you want to achieve from your sessions. A life coach is someone that you can speak to either in person or via video calls who can encourage and counsels you on a range of personal or professional issues. A life coach helps you to grow by analyzing your current situation, identifying your limiting beliefs and challenges and then changing your mindset to allow you to achieve your specific outcomes in life.

"Find your happiness & learn to put it first!"

Lauren Iles Coaching
Lauren is an incredibly nice and kind woman who created Lauren Iles Coaching during pandemic and honestly she's just going from strength to strength with her business. Now I'm not going to spoil too much as I will be doing a Behind The Brand blog post with Lauren but she comes from a background of being an English Language and Learning Specialist with a BA Hons degree in Communications Studies. She is a big believer in learning to trust your intuition and is very passionate about connecting with clients who are ready to start exploring where they are and making meaningful changes in their life.

"Invest in your relationship with yourself"

My Experiences
I really had no clue before my coaching sessions with Lauren what would actually happen during them mainly because I hadn't seen anyone I follow talk about life coaching. Before our sessions even started, Lauren and I had a quick 20 minute video call in which she introduced herself and her coaching services, got to know a little bit about me and what direction our coaching sessions would go in. I didn't have to be worried about what the sessions would be like cause not only is Lauren a really nice person but having this small session to get to know each other really helped calm my nerves. 

Before each session Lauren sets a task for you to complete and send back to her which are usually used for that coming session or depending on what your coaching sessions end up revolving around they can be used for future work in sessions. Now I don't really have a creative bone in my body (god knows how I did GCSE art and drew for my exam!) so any of my tasks where I had to draw things basically ended up looking like chicken scratch on a piece of paper but all of the tasks Lauren set for me revolved around things that had been brought up within the sessions to allow us to delve deeper into those topics and my feelings around them.

When I started off my sessions we very quickly realised that my work/life balance was completely off and it was all because I put so much pressure on myself to do things, this is something that I've honestly been dealing with since I was in high school and before Lauren I never realised that I was the one that was putting that much pressure on myself which just left me feeling deflated and rubbish. Reflecting back on my time shielding it was really obvious that I put that much pressure on myself because I started off my shielding knowing I was going to have 12 weeks off not able to leave my house and I came up with all these things that I wanted to accomplish when in reality my brain and my anxiety completely freaked out from being so go, go, go to absolutely nothing and I simply couldn't cope with that. Putting so much pressure on myself is something we're continually step by step working on but even just from a couple of sessions my mindset towards myself has just completely changed and I value and treat myself so much better which is completely crazy to look back on and think I ever treated myself that way.

Even in our few short sessions, we managed to crack some major challenges I've been dealing with. Not only has she seen me ugly crying over painful breakups I've gone through, she's also helped me work through them and understand why I was so hurt. She also helped me realise that I don't need anyone in my life that doesn't like me for me and isn't equally as supportive. Lauren has helped me realise that I am enough and I respect myself enough to have boundaries on my relationships because I deserve to be happy, respected and I deserve to be me!

When I went into the coaching, I hadn't thought about whether or not I'd carry them on a long-term basis but in my last session I made the decision that my personal life has already improved so much and with all the break throughs I've had from having a couple of sessions with Lauren that I want to carry it on and see how many more challenges I can beat not only personally but I also want to take my professional life (nursing and blogging) to the next level too. I'm so excited to see how me and Lauren can transform the last couple of months of 2020! If you're interested in trying out coaching whether that be personal or professional coaching, Lauren currently offers blocks of 3 sessions for £90.

Would you love to try life coaching?

Speak to you next time!
Danielle Levy, Wirral blogger, Liverpool blogger,
*I was gifted sessions in exchange for a review. All opinions are honest and my own.
Danielle Levy

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