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I've been back at work for a couple of weeks now and me and my skin have been adjusting to wearing a surgical face mask for over 10 hours as well as getting specially fitted for our tighter fitting masks that have to be worn for different procedures. Usually for work I'll wear a full face of makeup cause without it, my face is pretty scary and it helps me to look a lot more rested when in reality I've only had 4 hours sleep. However with having to wear a mask for so long, I've really simplified my makeup routine and focused more on my skincare to take the best possible care of my skin.

What is Maskne?
Maskne occurs due to prolonged wearing of facial protective equipment like face masks. Face masks are the perfect storm for breakouts and skin reactions because they create such a warm environment from breathing and talking, they trap heat in, rub against the skin and prevent the skin from breathing so as a result your pores can become clogged which can then turn into pimples or acne and with prolonged usage face masks can cause your skin to become dry, itchy and sore from pressure damage. Protective face masks can also cause people to suffer from problems such as allergic contact dermatitis, rosacea, seborrheic dermatitis, and folliculitis. 

My Routine
I have never found so much importance in my skincare than I have over the past couple of weeks, I've really made such an effort with taking care of my skin and I'm really starting to see all my hard work pay off. I will be doing a more in depth blog post all about maskne and my top tips to help deal with it, so for now I thought I would just share with you all my current skincare and makeup favourites for work. 

My skincare routine has consisted of a mixture of ARK Skincare, Dermalogica and Antipodes products at the moment. I've been doing a double cleanse with Pre-Cleanse and Age Protect cleanser which have not only helped me get rid of all the sweat, oil and makeup (yes I suffer from invisi-brows so I do have to draw my eyebrows on for work) but it also helps to fight my current breakouts that I'm suffering from. I never towel dry my face, I let it dry naturally after washing it, it might seem really extra but since I stopped doing it my face is less red and irritated as I'm not roughing up by rubbing it with a towel. I've become even more obsessed with hydrating facial mists whilst wearing face masks at work, spritzing them not only during my skincare routine but also any time I can take a break from my mask I've been doing a mini cleanse then spritzing my face to try and lock in some hydration and minimise my breakouts. I've been obsessed with using the Hydrating Beauty Mist from ARK Skincare as it's got a refreshing mint and Aloe Vera so it helps refresh and cool me down during a busy shift and keep my skin hydrated.

I suffer with dry skin normally so having to wear a face mask for hours and hours has only aggravated the dryness and made me break out. To help with the breakouts, I've been trying out the Clearing serum from ARK as a spot treatment then the Anti-Redness serum all over my face as it helps calm my skin and take away some of the irritation and redness from it becoming so dry. I've also been taking this to work and popping it on every time I take off my face mask with the hydrating beauty mist to help cool down and calm my skin. I've been making sure that I take the time to really put the moisture back into my skin, I've been trialling some of the Antipodes Manuka Honey products as they not only help lock in the moisture but the Manuka Honey also helps heal the skin and those pesky breakouts. Because I've only got a little face, I've found that even the smallest ones tend to sit right on my orbital bone and it rub on my under eye bags which dries the skin out so I've been using the Antipodes Manuka Honey eye cream and the Manuka Honey light day cream every morning and evening. 

Because my skin has been completely freaking out with face masks, I've been keeping my makeup pretty low-key and natural in work. Before the time of COVID and face masks, I would wear a full face of makeup that would last all day but lets be real my skin can't take that at the moment and if you're only going to see a tiny slither of my face there's no point in throwing money down the drain and wearing a full face of makeup! I've just been applying a little bit of Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define concealer to cover up my scary looking under-eye bags and a couple of spots then setting those areas with the GOSH Waterproof setting powder. Now unfortunately I'm part of the invisi-brows group so I can't leave my house without looking like my eyebrows have disappeared so I've been filling them in with the Maybelline Total Temptation Brow which gives me natural looking, fuller brows that don't look too intense when I'm barely wearing any makeup. I then top it all off with some of the Clarins Wonder Perfect mascara which helps to make my eyes look a lot more awake and even though the one I use isn't waterproof formula, it still keeps my eyelashes curled all day without smudging.

How's your skin coping with wearing a mask so much?

Speak to you next time!

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*This post contains affiliate links to previously gifted products. All opinions are honest and my own.

Danielle Levy

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