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I have been using all my time during shielding to be able to test out new products because let's face it if I have reaction or break out, nobody besides my immediate family would be seeing my face so I completely took advantage! During my period of shielding, the very lovely Em Sheldon got in touch as she was aware I am a Critical Care nurse and she wanted to show some love to NHS workers. She had kindly organised little pamper packages and she passed along my information to the lovelies at Antipodes who sent me some skincare goodies as a little thank you for being an NHS nurse.

Antipodes is a green beauty company that originated in New Zealand and uses pollution-free, results driven New Zealand native ingredients in their award-winning vegan and certified organic skincare range. All of their ingredients are sourced from sustainable growers around New Zealand and the formulations are tested in scientific investigations and clinical trials to show the effectiveness of their hero products. I love that Antipodes colour code their skincare depending on which range you are using so if you forget what the range is actually called you can simply pick up the range that matches.

My Experience 
For the past two weeks I've been putting some of the Skin-Brightening range to the test and seeing how my skin liked having an all natural skincare routine. The Skin-Brightening range contains Vinanza grape, Kiwi, and Manuka honey to help brighten whilst softening the skin and helping address any blemishes. I've been adding the Light Day cream, Eye cream, and Facial Mud mask into my daily skincare routine and my skin seems to be loving the all-natural products and I've noticed my skin glowing more and some of my dark spots from previous spots have improved. 

After testing the Skin-Brightening range for a couple of weeks, my favourite product is definitely the Manuka honey eye cream. I found it so lightweight under my eyes and it sinked in pretty much straight away whilst being super moisturising, I have pretty dry skin and I normally find that my eye area starts drying out before the rest of my face but with this eye cream it felt moisturised right up until I washed my face for my bedtime routine and my skin under my eyes even looked plumper within the first week of me using it.

I am big into the scents of my skincare especially when they're all-natural because let's face it, if it's going to be on my face all day so I don't want something that might not smell great! Thankfully the whole Skin-Brightening range smells amazing and I particularly pick up on the honey in the products so if you're not a big fan of that type of scent, it is something to keep in mind.

Both the eye cream and light day cream come in really nice glass pots that you dip your finger into. The mud mask is the only product that includes a little spatula and I personally would have preferred to have a small spatula with each product so that I'm not having to continually dip my fingers into the pots and it's something I'm looking into purchasing separately but I would prefer to not have to buy this separately. Overall I'm really impressed with the Antipodes skincare so far, I'm definitely going to be looking at trying out some more of their products.

Are you a fan of Antipodes skincare?

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Danielle Levy, Wirral blogger, Liverpool blogger,
*This blog posts includes products gifted as a thank you to an NHS worker with no obligation to post. All opinions are honest and my own.
Danielle Levy

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