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Danielle Levy, Dermalogica, skincare blogger, beauty blogger, skincare, Liverpool blogger, Wirral blogger,

We are all well aware with how much of a skincare addict I am but one thing I've never actually tried is an online skincare consultation. Usually when I do anything skincare, either checking out new launches or getting a skincare treatment, they usually involve feeling your skin to check for things like oiliness or dryness as well asking you some questions about your skin and your skincare goals so you know I was interested to see how a virtual skincare consultation would go.

Danielle Levy, Dermalogica, skincare blogger, beauty blogger, skincare, Liverpool blogger, Wirral blogger,

Now I've been a part of the Skinfluencer program with Dermalogica for a little while now so I was so happy to find out about the Virtual Consultation service they started offering everyone via their website, meaning if your skin is playing up and your usual skincare just isn't cutting it or you're missing seeing your local skincare gurus, Dermalogica have got you covered with their 1-1 virtual skincare consultations.

Virtual Consultations
The Dermalogica virtual consultations and face mapping services are available at times and days to suit you, you can simply go onto their website and choose the 1-1 consultation in the services section of the website. I ended up booking a mid-afternoon virtual consultation with one of the Dermalogica skin therapists Theresa and it was a very relaxed consultation that took around 45 minutes from start to finish. Before the day of the appointment, I was emailed the Microsoft Teams link for the virtual consultation as well as instructions like come makeup-free, have clean hands or hand sanitiser and have your current skincare nearby. 

At the start of the call, myself and Theresa talked about what a typical day looks like for me, what I did for work as well as my current skincare products. Before we went through what my skin was currently like, we talked about my three main goals for my skin which were to have clearer, brighter and more hydrated skin. We then went through my entire face and talked about the different issues I had with different areas, which were mainly fine lines, dehydration, breakouts and select areas of oiliness. Towards the end of my call, Theresa looked at everything we had talked about and made some products recommendations especially for my skin concerns to help me work towards achieving my skin goals. 

My Recommendations
I've tried a couple of Dermalogica's cleansers and so far my skin has gotten along really well with all the ones I've tried. I expressed to Theresa about my skin feeling very dry, especially with the daily changing weather so she recommended me trying the Intensive Moisture Cleanser as it will help to nourish my skin whilst also removing impurities. It is filled with coconut oil and murumuru seed butter to help preserve your skin's barrier whilst the citrus, Palmarosa and jasmine which also helps revive your tired skin. The Intensive Moisture Cleanser is by far my favourite cleanser from Dermalogica as it smells amazing, it's so refreshing whether it's been a long, hard day or it's 5am, it not only helps my skin but mentally it helps me refresh. It's a cream based cleanser so it's perfect for those with drier skin and over the past couple of weeks I've noticed that my skin doesn't feel tight but soft and glowing.

Now the Daily Microfoliant is one of the first Dermalogica products I tried from them and has been a semi-regular in my skincare routine since I joined the Skinfluencer program. The Daily Microfoliant is one of Dermalogica's more iconic products and is a powder based exfoliator that you mix in the palm of your hands with a small amount of water to create a creamy paste texture which can then be massaged into your skin for a minute. It's filled with salicylic acid, rice enzymes and a complex of Phytic acid, as well as colloidal oatmeal and allantoin which helps to polish and brighten your skin whilst also calming and evening out your skin tone. 

I usually tend to use the Daily Microfoliant of an evening after I've done my double cleanse and something I actually found out through my consultation with Theresa is that you can mix a little bit of the Daily Microfoliant in with your face wash and use it as a mini lip scrub to help with any dry lips. I have found that with regular use it helps my skin feel softer and also helped with evening out the texture of my skin.

Now I am completely new to the Clear Start range so I was excited to see one of Dermalogica's boosters in my package, whilst the range is perfect for teens just getting into skincare as it's tough on breakouts whilst gentle on your skin, the range can actually be used by anyone with blemish prone skin. The Breakout Clearing Booster is designed to be gentle enough to be used morning and night, whilst the salicylic acid and phytoplankin extract help to clear your blemishes without over-drying your skin. I love that the Breakout Clearing Booster can either be used as an individual spot treatment, on an area of spots if you've got a cluster of breakouts or you can put a thin layer over your whole face under your moisturiser. I absolutely love the scent of this booster and it literally leaves my skin feeling so soft whilst helping me tackle breakouts. I've found it works really well for me if I apply it on freshly cleansed skin in place of my serum on the areas of my face that I commonly breakout on. 

Are you gonna have a Dermalogica virtual consultation?

Speak to you next time!
Danielle Levy, Wirral blogger, Liverpool blogger,
*This blog post contains items/services gifted for review as part of the Skinfluencer program. All opinions are honest and my own. 
Danielle Levy

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