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It's time to start featuring more beauty on my blog and I thought I would try a new beauty series talking about my top picks from some of my favourite brands. After hosting a blogger event with Clarin's and being transformed into a Clarin's girl, I thought it was only right to start this series talking about some of my top picks from them.

Since I've started using Clarin's, it's become my holy grail skincare brand and I feel like my skin has been transformed. They're the brand that I recommend to everyone as I feel like they've got products to work for everyone and their skincare concerns! 

Who They Are
Clarin's have been around since 1954 and are the number 1 skincare brand in Europe and it's not hard to see why. All of their products are still designed and produced in France, who wouldn't want French skincare sat out on their dresser?! Have you seen how amazing their skin looks! They have products for practically every skin concern you could have, from redness and dehydration to wrinkles and hormonal changes. All of their products are made with plant based ingredients with them always choosing a plant based ingredient over a chemical ingredient and amazingly they use over 200 plant extracts in their products!

My Top Picks
Double Serum ~ This is by far my top two favourite products from Clarin's! I've been using the Double Serum every morning (and sometimes in the evenings as well) and it's made my skin look incredible. It's full to the brim with plant extracts and leaves my skin softer, smoother and looking more radiant.

Lip Comfort Oil ~ As someone who has dry lips 90% of the time, these lip comfort oils are my beauty saviour! My best friend Steph is truly to blame for this was the first Clarin's product she introduced me to when she started working for them. These lip oils in a ton of colours and I use them on a daily basis, alone or over lipstick (fyi these over a liquid lipstick leave your lips in heaven!). My favourites are the Honey and Red Berry shades, these are a bit thicker but I don't find that they stick to everything and go everywhere!

Super Restorative Treatment Essence ~ I was introduced to this treatment essence at my first Clarin's facial, it's a bit of a princess product but I'm totally in love with it! The way it was explained to me is that it is to be used as a pre-serum treatment that helps your serum soak into your face. I have used this with other serums and it works perfectly and allows my serum to soak into my face and not just sit on the surface of my skin. I've noticed that it also enchances the work of my serum whenever I use it. 

Multi-Active Day ~ I always have had a problem with dry patches under my foundation until I met this day cream. The Multi-Active day cream not only helps with my dry patches but leaves my skin soft and radiant without making me look like an utter greaseball (we all know that post moisturiser greaseface!). I also love the scent of this moisturiser, it also gives me the perfect base for my makeup.

Multi-Active Night ~ It's only natural that if I love the day cream, I am going to fall in love with the night version! I love using the Multi-Active night cream alongside my Kiehl's Recovery Oil as the scent of both of them just makes me so relaxed and it's a big part of helping me wind down for bed. My skin drinks this up and leaves me with softer, more hydrated and radiant skin in the morning.

Cleansing Milk ~ Now I do love using micellar water to remove my makeup but after it started making my eyes sting and the cold weather crept in, I switched to using a cleansing milk and it made taking off my makeup 100 times better! It's gets rid of every trace of makeup, even waterproof mascara without stinging my eyes. It also doesn't leave my face feeling dried out whilst helping with the oil situation that we all get at the end of a long day of wearing makeup!

What are your top picks from Clarin's?

Speak to you next time!
Danielle Levy

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