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Behind The Brand Jennifer Hamley

As much as I love talking about everything I do on my blog, I decided a couple of weeks ago that I wanted to start doing an interview series "Behind The...." which I am hoping to include bloggers, vloggers and brands (hint hint to anyone that would like to be involved!). I'm hoping through this series, you will get to know some of my favourite bloggers, vloggers and brands as well as find out some interesting things along the way!

Things I love about autumn

Well Starbucks re-released their Pumpkin Spice Lattes and the rainy, cloudy weather has begun......I think we can officially say Autumn has well and truly arrived!! Let me tell you, I could not be happier.....major winter baby alert! Now I know that not everyone is as in love with autumn as me so I thought I would tell you all some of the reasons why I love (and maybe convert some of you into autumn/winter lovers)!

Getting Dream hands with Weleda

As a nurse my hands take such a beating on a daily basis from all the hand washing and hand sanitisers that I feel like my hands look and feel 10 years older than I am. So I was super exciting to try out the Weleda Skin Food to see if it could solve my rough, sore, worn out, old hands!

Liquid Lipsticks & Facials with The Body Shop

As you may already know, liquid lipsticks have been everywhere this year. From Kylie Jenner to Sleek and now The Body Shop have launched their own version. To kick off October, I got to attend The Body Shop in Birkenhead for their first ever event and let me tell you they killed it!

I'm doing vlogtober!

So I am starting an exciting venture or shall we call it challenge for October......I'm doing Vlogtober!

Lush Spa Liverpool Event

Last week I got a super exciting invite from.......Lush Liverpool! I was invited along with a bunch of lovely bloggers from the North West to check out their skincare, spa and the new Halloween products that were due to launch the next day!

Favourite Autumn Lipcolours

Yes we are the second official day of autumn, so it's totally acceptable to have an autumnal blog post already right?! Since I've been off for the whole of September and been able to, I feel like I've worn so many lipcolours (I'm not normally a massive lip product person, normally just lip balm). As I've been wearing and buying so many recently, I thought I would show you all because we all secretly love to hoard lip products, right?!

What blogging has taught me

I was thinking recently that I've been blogging for over 2 years now, so it was about time that I did a blog post about what blogging has taught me during the past two years. I'm hoping that the bloggers among us will completely understand these or for those who are new to blogging/want to start blogging, it could be some helpful hints and tips!

call me Staff Nurse Levy

So I am writing this blog post at a very special time.....I've just received a letter telling me my university classification, so that means I've officially finished my degree and I am officially a fully qualified staff nurse!!! How insane is that?!