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As someone who is chronically sleep deprived, you know that I'm all for trying something that might help not only improve how much sleep I get but also improve the actual quality of sleep I get. For the past couple of weeks I've been adding in the Sleeping Beauty supplements from Complete Me to see the difference it made in my sleep. 

So if you didn't already know, this year my work-acquired back injury got formally diagnosed as fibromyalgia. Issues with sleep like insomnia are one of the most common symptoms reported by those with fibromyalgia and in turn these problems with sleeping can then exacerbate symptoms which will lead to a cycle of bad sleep and pain. Before starting these Sleeping Beauty supplements, my sleep was often very broken, I struggled a lot to get off to sleep and I woke up pretty much every morning feeling like I'd barely had any sleep and wanted to have a mid-afternoon nap.

I have in the past tried 5HTP supplements on it's own before bed and honestly didn't notice all that much difference in my sleep whether I took them or not, so I was really interested in seeing whether or not the Complete Me Sleeping Beauty supplements would actually make a difference. Thankfully the Sleeping Beauty supplements are a combination or 5HTP, magnesium, vitamin B6, zinc, and lemon balm. They're designed to help you unwind and relax, get a better night sleep, and help promote a more restful sleep. The Sleeping Beauty supplements are £14.99 for a 30-day supply which I think is really reasonable priced, especially when you compare it to other sleep supplements on the market. 

I am coming towards the end of my first bottle of Sleeping Beauty supplements and I've really been loving them and will be purchasing another bottle once this one runs out. The biggest thing I've noticed since using them is how much the quality of my sleep has improved, with my fibromyalgia I often toss and turn and struggle to get a full nights of restful sleep so I've been really impressed in the improvement. The amount of times I've been waking up feeling exhausted and like I've barely slept has reduced, don't get me wrong I still do have those days if I've had two chaotic shifts at work or I've had a bad pain night, but I'm overall impressed with the difference these supplements have made. 

One thing I've noticed since taking these supplements is the importance of having a consistent bedtime routine. So no more scrolling through tiktok till the early hours of the morning, no drinking coffee right up until the late evening, watching tv or movies until after midnight. I've been incorporating a routine into my evenings to actually help me sleep better (this is something I'm recommended again and again for my fibromyalgia is to have a better sleep routine and better sleep health), I'll have a relaxing shower or bubble bath early evening, make a mug of my decaf bedtime tea or a hot chocolate then curl up in bed, take my Sleeping Beauty supplements and read with a relaxing wax melt burning until I start to feel sleepy.

Do you take supplements on a daily basis?

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Danielle Levy, Wirral blogger, Liverpool blogger,
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Danielle Levy

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