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Can you believe that it's going to be 2022 tomorrow?! With the beginning of the New Year comes setting up my 2022 Inspired Stories diary which has a section in it called This Year I Will.... which allows me to set personal, work, health, and relationship goals for 2022 but it also allows me to put in steps I want to do to be able to achieve those goals. 

Build My Savings
Something being in a pandemic didn't help with was building my savings, I didn't really budget as I probably should have for gifts and I may have gotten too tempted by seeing new launches on social media whilst I've not been working. This year I really want to have a set budget and put a percentage into my savings as well as a percentage of my wage into my next goal with the view to have a bit of a sinking fund as well as money put aside for birthday's and Christmas in my savings account so that if anything happens I've got savings there that I can dip into as needed as well as money to buy gifts as and when I find something that I know a friend or loved one will love.

Get A Deposit For A House Together
I've got a bit of a deposit together but not as much as I wanted and I really want to be getting ready to buy a house by next Christmas. So this year I'm going to be trying to minimise my outgoings as much as possible to drive as much extra money into saving the deposit, because I'm doing it on my own and hoping to have it done in the next 12 months, it's a lot harder than if I was getting a mortgage with a partner. I will be the first in my immediate family to buy a house and not rent so this is all brand new to me, but thankfully I bank with Natwest who have got an entire section on their website which talks about buying a house for the first time so I do have some help with that. If you'd like me to share my experiences trying to buy a house, please do let me know in the comments.

Be More Consistent With My Blog & Social Media
During 2022, I have made the dedication to have more of a schedule when it comes to my blogging, social media and youtube. Life with chronic pain/illness is never a straight forward path, it's like constantly juggling plates and waiting for one of them to smash so setting myself a goal of being more consistent is something that's really important to me this year. To try and help me with this goal and prep for those periods when I have a flare up or I'm just straight up exhausted, I'm going to be much more of a planner and making use of scheduling tools so that I can have content up for you all. When I have my rough days at work or with my chronic illnesses, having my blog and social media really brightens my tougher days. 

Do More Sponsorships
This year I really want to make this less of a hobby and more of a job cause I really do put a lot of time and effort into it so my goal during 2022 is that I want to turn more opportunities into paid collaborations because well you wouldn't go to work all day for no money so I really want to turn this into a career opportunity. That being said with smaller numbers it often a bit harder so I will be focusing more on consistency and growing an audience of people who love my content and weird corner of the internet rather than putting a set goal of X number of paid collabs during 2022 but I will be pushing for them more than I have done in years past.

Be More Consistent With The Gym
During 2021 I really got into my PT sessions and especially after injuring my rotator cuff, I've really liked seeing the improvement and how strong I've been managing to get. One thing that has always kind of made me nervous about going to the gym was looking like I didn't have the first clue what I was doing but thankfully through my sessions with my PT Suraj, he's given me some workouts I can do outside our sessions so I can put my headphones on and feel confident and like I actually know what I'm doing. With my fibromyalgia, there is a fine line between the working a very strenuous job and overworking myself outside of work so at the moment, my goal is to do 2 sessions a week at the gym with weights and then to find other workouts do the other days off cause I've noticed that even on the days that I feel like rubbish, even if I get up and move I noticed a difference in myself rather than just wallowing in the pain. 

Get 10K + Steps A Day
Now this is a goal that I was able to achieve every day without fail a few years back then as what we now know as fibromyalgia starting rearing it's ugly head, I found it harder and harder especially on those bad pain or exhaustion days to actually get even half way there to getting 10K steps in for the day. When I'm on shift, particularly the day shifts I found this step goal really easy to get done but on my days off, I really want to make sure that I'm getting my movement in for the day and with Rosie it's actually pretty easy to achieve I just need to make sure that especially on the busier days that I get up with enough time, put a inspiring or motivational podcast or just something I enjoy listening to and just get outside and go on a long walk with the dog. I've also noticed that if I get up and out doing some form of physical exercise outside of my house, I feel so much better in myself and more motivated to get things ticked off my to-do list.

Improve My Sleep
Something I'm told time and time again is about getting good, consistent sleep and having a good sleep routine to help with my fibromyalgia and mental health. Since being back on day shifts, I've found it so much easier to regulate my sleep patterns and be more consistent so I've noticed that my flare ups aren't as often/aren't as bad as they have been during the first 7-8 months of 2021. During 2022, I really want to step up my sleep routine by having consistent bed time/wake up times, no screen time an hour before bed, getting into bed at 10pm 5-6 nights out of 7 (I will allow myself to have 1-2 nights where I might stay up later if I've got events or other social occasions) and I also want to read for up to an hour before bed (I have to be very careful about this one cause I have been known to stay up all night reading a good book).

75 Balanced Challenge
During December I've been seeing TikTok after TikTok about the 75 hard challenge and I do 13hr shifts so that challenge isn't achievable for me and I've seen quite a few articles saying that it's not all it's cracked up to be afterwards. However whilst I've been on TikTok I noticed the 75 Soft challenge which lead me to the 75 Balanced challenge by Madison Hildreth. During December I've really felt like I need a physical and mental reset and shake up cause I just feel very blah and unmotivated so I've decided to put my own spin onto it so from the 3rd January I've decided to stick to her 75 Balanced challenge which is one 45 minute workout, 10K steps, 30 minutes of personal development either via book or podcast, 1 hour of productivity each day (with strict no phone time), drink at least 2L water, eat healthy (sticking to my 80/20 plan with my PT), drink only on social occasions, and do one thing that makes you happy each day. Obviously on the days that I'm on my 13hr day shifts I'll be dropping the 45 minute workout because I already get up at 5am to go to work and usually don't get home till after 9pm but when I work night shifts I will be adding them back in. I am toying with the idea of either doing the challenge for 75 days or until I've completely 75 workouts. I will be trying to film little TikToks/reels of my journey, taking some before/after photos and writing a blog post talking about my experience doing it.

See My Friends More
Something being in a pandemic has most definitely taught me is that I haven't seen my friends as often as I really wanted to and especially on those days when I'm having a bad pain or health day, my go-to mechanism is to shut myself in and isolate. During 2022 I'm really going to check in with friends and see them more often, I'm not putting a number goal to see each friend because I know things can get crazy with schedules etc but there are a few special people in my life that I want to make sure I'm seeing them outside of work or events at least once a month cause they truly do brighten my day. 

What are your goals for 2022?

Speak to you next time!
Danielle Levy, Wirral blogger, Liverpool blogger,
Danielle Levy

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