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I thought I would start a new little series because let's face it I love Carrie Bradshaw and friends that I've talked to about this throughout 2021 have said that I definitely need to start turning my just straight up strange dating stories into content for my blog. With the pandemic in 2020/21, dating apps such as Tinder and Bumble have blown up and with these dating apps have come some interesting conversations, openers, and down right weird behaviour from men.

If you don't already know for most of 2020, I had to shield due to my awful lungs (as I write this I've been sick over Christmas with a bad chest infection that came on like a ton of bricks and dropped my peak flow from 460 to 270 which is not good) so some friends suggested trying datings apps as a way to meet nice people cause we all have 1 or 2 people in our life that have found a serious relationship through a dating app. I will say that anything mentioned in these blog posts during the series will be anonymised so names will be changed and if pictures are included all pictures and names will be removed/blacked out.

Personally I've found that dating apps just have the strangest people on and the genuine people who are actually looking to date are few and far between. Now on these apps I have been looking to match with guys who live local to me and honestly since trying these apps out for the past two years, my eyes have been truly opened. First off, let me just say that people have absolutely no filter when it comes to dating apps and I was shocked by the amount of married men straight up admitting that they're married and looking to cheat and hook up/have one night stands. Also being a plus-sized gal on dating apps, I would like to say you'd be surprised how many guys jump straight to sex, even from the opener after you match and the amount of guys that try and use you as free porn (and believe me for any guys that might be reading this, we can 1000% tell when you're just looking for just free pictures!).

I don't give my phone number out just willy nilly and the few people I have given it out too, have just ended up becoming ghosters or say they're looking for one thing and are actually just looking for someone to talk to to pass the time. Personally I find the rudest and most immature thing to do when people just straight up ghost cause it takes two minutes to text someone back to say "sorry I'm really busy, can I text you tomorrow?" or "sorry I'm just not looking to date right now". I've been messed about the day before or of dates, had guys ghost then pop back up months later. I've even had one guy that straight up tell me they were passing me up for a close friend, only to text just over a month later saying they're a dick and that they've messed up and want to earn me back to only talk to me for 24-48 hours before ghosting again (and yes these guys seem to think this behaviour is okay and there is nothing wrong with it).

Something that dating in the last few months of 2021 has taught me is that their actions speak WAY louder than their words, going forward in 2022 I am 100% going to be working on me and becoming a better, more healthier version of myself and if dating is meant to happen for me, then it will come when it's meant too. When dating is meant to happen for me, I am going to be standing by my guns and start just straight up calling guys out on their shitty behaviour.

What are your experiences with online dating?

Speak to you next time!
Danielle Levy, Wirral blogger, Liverpool blogger,
Danielle Levy

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