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Danielle Levy, Yardley London, self care, lifestyle blogger, beauty blogger, Wirral blogger, Liverpool blogger,

Now that the nights are getting darker faster, I love to add more pamper evenings into my week. This month I've been adding some lovely products from Yardley London they kindly sent me into my self care evenings and whilst I've loved adding them into my pamper evenings, I've also had my mum testing them out too and we've both been loving them.

Danielle Levy, Yardley London, self care, lifestyle blogger, beauty blogger, Wirral blogger, Liverpool blogger,

Yardley London
Yardley London was founded back in 1770 by the Cleaver family, they were inspired by England's diverse and varied flowers. Since the creation in 1770, Yardley London have continued to be committed to discovering fragrances using natural ingredients. Also if you didn't know Yardley London were actually responsible for those iconic Twiggy Lashes photos in the 1960's. They've been in business for over 250 years and now they've introduced their new look to support their vegan-friendly and cruelty-free products whilst can continue sustainable sourcing for their all natural ingredients.

Looking After Me
I know it probably sounds silly but sometimes I build up self care activities till I find them really overwhelming and end up not doing it so I've been trying to retrain my brain and break it down to be small little things that look after me and help me take a few minutes out to look after myself. One little thing that I've really focused on is associating self care moments with a certain scent or a certain product so that whenever I used that product or scent, my brain subconsciously knows it's time for me and I can block out some of my anxious thoughts and have a few moments of me time.

I've been trying this out with the Yardley London April Violets Nourishing Hand Cream and Luxury Body Wash and I have been loving this April Violets scent, it's such a fresh yet girly scent. As I'm back at work now on reduced hours, I've been loving having the April Violets Nourishing Hand Cream having in my pocket for work because it's filled with Shea Butter, sunflower oil, camelina sativa seed oil, passion flower oil and vitamin E. So it's perfect for keeping my hands so soft and well cared for considering the million times a day that I wash my hands or use hand sanitiser. Yardley London are currently selling their nourishing hand creams for only £3.59 which I think is really reasonable price and I only need a dot about the size of a 5-pence piece to do both hands and it's melts into my skin within a minute so it means I haven't got to wait ages with greasy hands to actually been able to do anything. 

To compliment the hand cream, I've been using the April Violets Luxury Body Wash in my showers. I am so impressed with this body wash cause it leaves my skin feeling so soft even as the weather is starting to get colder and my skin feels drier. I don't know what it is about this April Violets scent but it is the perfect any time of day scent so regardless of whether you prefer morning or evening showers, it is the perfect fresh but relaxing scent. The body wash again is filled with Shea Butter, passion flower oil, and vitamin E so it's the perfect nourishing body wash to use during the Autumn and Winter cause it really takes care of your skin and add some much needed moisture back into my skin.

Yardley London Eau De Toilettes
I am completely new to the Yardley London Eau De Toilettes so I was so excited to try out the April Violets and Bluebell & Sweet Pea scents. You can get the Eau De Toilettes in either a 50ml or 125ml size with even the larger size come in for less than the price of a couple of take out coffees. There are five different collections for you to take your pick from with each collection having anywhere between 4-7 different scents, so you can't say there isn't plenty to choose from. 

I decided to go for the April Violets Perfume which is part of the Traditional Florals collection and the Bluebell & Sweet Pea which is part of the Contemporary Florals collection. The April Violets perfume matches perfectly with the body wash and hand cream, they literally compliment each other perfectly and the scent isn't too overwhelming so it's perfect for layering because you really feel like the scent is hanging round for longer, rather than feeling like you've been hit in the face with perfume. I find the Bluebell & Sweet Pea perfume such a light and feminine scent that its actually perfect for me to wear at work because it's not too overwhelming with the bluebell, jasmine, vanilla, peony, and musk in it. I didn't even realise until I came to write this blog post but this perfume is made with 90% naturally derived ingredients, it's cruelty-free and is also suitable for vegans.

What's your favourite self care activity?

Speak to you next time!
Danielle Levy, Wirral blogger, Liverpool blogger,
*This blog post contains items gifted for review. All opinions are honest and my own.
Danielle Levy

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