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Living with such a stressful job as well as anxiety, chronic health issues and chronic pain, being able to get a good nights sleep and being able to relax is something that I struggle with so much. As quite a few of you may know, I've really been looking towards non-pharmaceutical ways to help and I'm so thankful to have found the Alexandra Kay pure essential oil blend from Green People and been able to put them to the test over the past couple of weeks.

Danielle Levy, Alexandra Kay, essential oils, chronic health blogger, lifestyle blogger, Wirral blogger, Liverpool blogger,

Green People & Alexandra Kay
Green People was founded back in 1997 by the wonderful Charlotte Vohtz who was driven to create organic skincare when her daughter Alexandra was battling with multiple allergies as well as eczema. Since Green People was founded, Charlotte's principle behind the brand has never changed, meaning that product performance and ethical practices were never compromised for a profit. This year Green People have nominated the Ehlers-Danlos Support UK as their charity of the year and are donating 10% of their net profits to the charity.

Alexandra Kay is Charlotte's daughter and she has not only suffered with allergies and eczema, since being a teenage she has suffered from a range of symptoms which were later diagnosed in her mid-twenties as Ehlers-Danlos. Through her journey with Ehlers-Danlos, Alexandra has found physical and emotional relief from using more natural therapies such as aromatherapy, heat packs, massages, and Epsom salt soaks. The Alexandra Kay Wellness collection was inspired by Alexandra's own experience with essential oils and how they helped with her day-to-day wellbeing and she wanted to help others soothe and revive their mind, body, and soul with a moment of calm. All of the Alexandra Kay essential oil blends are 100% natural, vegan and cruelty-free, as well as clean and eco-friendly.

I have really been loving having the Alexandra Kay essential oil blends in my arsenal because they literally have so many uses (please please please don't apply it to your skin without diluting it first, otherwise you might encounter skin irritation). You could literally use it for anything you could think of, whether you want to use it in your bath, on your pillow or mixed with a massage oil, pop it in a diffuser, or use it as a room spray.

Time To Relax
The Time To Relax essential oil blend is a comforting blend that is designed to help promote a tranquil state of mind and help you feel at ease, featuring patchouli, vetivert, and lavender. It contains 10 expertly blended, pure and 100% natural essential oils to give you a calming, sweet, floral aroma. Whilst it can be used in the evening to help you relax and unwind your body and mind, it can also be used to help calm feelings of anxiety. It has notes of lemongrass, sweet orange, lavender, and geranium so it's perfect for helping calm anxious or stressed thoughts.

I've mainly been using the Time To Relax essential oil blend to help with my anxiety. I've been mixing a drop of it in a small amount of Vaseline then rubbing it into the pulse points on my wrist and this works perfectly for me, I've found that when I'm really anxious I tend to bring my hands up towards my face so I find having the scent on the inside of my wrists lets it drift up throughout the day and it has really helped relax my anxious thoughts. I've noticed that on my really anxious days, I often end the day feeling very exhausted and worn out so my new go-to is having a relaxing bubble bath with candles and a big mug of decaf tea. Recently I've really been loving adding a couple of drops of the Time To Relax essential oil blend into the hot bath water and it not only relaxes me but it also makes my whole bathroom smell incredible! 

Time To Sleep
Between my crazy work hours, chronic pain and chronic health conditions, my sleep and quality of sleep has taken the biggest hit so it's something that is always on my radar as something that I need to improve. As part of this I have tried all manner of pillow sprays and lavender scented products to try and help and there's only been one or two that have actually worked so I was excited to put the Time To Sleep essential oil blend to the test. 

The Time To Sleep essential oil blend is designed to help you wind down and prepare for a peaceful night's sleep. It's filled with lavender, bergamot, vetivert, patchouli and frankincense so it's perfect for helping you wind down at the end of a long day. I have loved using this oil by mixing about 6 drops into a 100ml bottle a spritzing it onto my pillows and bed linen during my wind-down routine for bed. I've noticed that it's not only helped me wind down and drift off to sleep but it's also helped me improve my quality of sleep so I actually feel more rested in the morning when I wake up. I have also loved adding the Time To Sleep essential oil blend into a hot bubble bath at the end of a long or stressful day with some Epsom salts to truly relax my mind and body. On the hotter days when I don't want to sit in a hot bath, I've been adding a drop or two of this oil just before where the shower hits in the bath so that the steam from the shower releases the scent so I can still have a relaxing shower. I've honestly noticed such a difference between adding this oil into my evening routine and the days that I don't use it, I've genuinely become obsessed with using it! I'm currently looking at oil diffusers so I can put this one on in the background whilst I'm winding down of an evening.

Do you use essential oils in your daily life?

Speak to you next time!
Danielle Levy, Wirral blogger, Liverpool blogger,
*This blog post contains items gifted for review. All opinions are honest and my own.
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