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Danielle Levy, Wolf & Gypsy, fashion blogger, mid-size fashion blogger, Liverpool blogger, Wirral blogger,

I'm so excited that things are opening up again as it means more fashion content from me, during this lockdown I just really haven't been feeling it and with my chronic pain being pretty bad, I've been living in loungewear. So I'm excited to start dipping back into fashion with a post all about this beautiful necklace I've become obsessed with from Wolf & Gypsy.
Danielle Levy, Wolf & Gypsy, fashion blogger, mid-size fashion blogger, Liverpool blogger, Wirral blogger,
Danielle Levy, Wolf & Gypsy, fashion blogger, mid-size fashion blogger, Liverpool blogger, Wirral blogger,

Wolf & Gypsy
Wolf & Gypsy was created by the wonderful Tori Shay with the aim to create stunning pieces of jewellery that impact the wearer's everyday life. Their pieces are also designed to be layered up so you can mix and match their pieces to find your favourite look. All of the Wolf & Gypsy jewellery is made from sterling silver, gold vermeil or 14ct gold with all of the gemstones being ethically sourced, conflict-free and handpicked by the founder Tori in India. Their mission as a brand is to reduce harmful impacts to the environment and ensure the safety of children and the planet.

Sixpence Necklace
I decided to pick up the Sixpence necklace in gold as my first piece of jewellery from Wolf & Gypsy as the sixpence is supposed to be a symbol of good luck. When I was having a browse through their website, this piece just kept catching my eye again and again. The Sixpence necklace is a double sided pendant which comes with a lion on one side and a man's head on the other, all encased in a protective arch. You can get in gold or silver which is perfect if you only wear one type of jewellery so it can match in with your existing pieces and build up your jewellery collection.

I love that Wolf & Gypsy not only offer some gorgeous pieces of jewellery but you can also customise your look by choosing what length you want your chain, so you can truly get the perfect layered look or if you prefer your necklaces to all sit at a certain length you can get it on a chain between 16" and 22". I went for the 18" chain and find that it sits perfectly for me whether I want to wear it on it's own or layered up with other pieces! My Sixpence necklace came safely packaged in a lovely eco-friendly protective box and even included a prong that you can use to secure your necklace into the box either to have it out on display or if you are travelling as it stops your necklace chain from tangling which is such a great thing to include, I for one hate taking necklaces with me anywhere as nine times out of ten, they are always tangled up! 

I have such sensitive skin that I have to be really careful with what jewellery I wear and I've been wearing the Sixpence necklace for several weeks now and I've not seen one bit off irritation or marking on my skin so it's getting a thumbs up from me. I've already got my eyes on so many pieces from them, particularly their earrings so please pray for my bank account! The lovely folks at Wolf & Gypsy have kindly given me a discount code to get you 10% off any purchase using the code DANIELLELEVY at checkout.

Are you more into gold or silver jewellery?

Speak to you next time!
Danielle Levy, Wirral blogger, Liverpool blogger,
*This blog post contains items gifted for review. All opinions are honest and my own.
Danielle Levy

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