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Danielle Levy, The Female Online Coach, fitness, health, nurse blogger, Liverpool blogger, Wirral blogger,

My number one goal for this year is to get stronger and fitter because my chronic pain and illnesses have well and truly kicked my butt so far in 2021. When I look back on trying to workout in the gym years ago, I never really knew how to form a workout and how to properly use the weights so I mainly did the machines and it was only just before covid that I actually started working with a personal trainer. But whilst the gyms were shut during lockdown, I didn't really have a clue how to keep up those workouts at home. Thankfully I found Sarah from The Female Online Coach which has allowed me to transform my home workouts and also help me get my confidence for going back to the gym.

Danielle Levy, The Female Online Coach, fitness, health, nurse blogger, Liverpool blogger, Wirral blogger,

The Female Online Coach
The Female Online Coach is run by a lovely woman called Sarah who strives to help women achieve their goals through training. She is also the creator and director of the UK's BSL coaching platform. On her website she offers two different monthly packages, one for £14 and one for £38 which give you home workouts, gym workouts, and recipes. You can easily access all of her videos and support on your phone, iPad, or laptop meaning you don't have to be stuck inside to do your workouts, you can do them in the garden, take them with you to the park or even use them at the gym.

My Experience
I've tried The Female Online Coach for around the past month and honestly Sarah has helped build my fitness confidence so much. I have such bad anxiety around working out outside of my home because if you don't know I was born with really rubbish lungs which is exacerbated by exercise so when you couple that with chronic back pain, I get really bad anxiety because I worry that people see this and reads it as me just being unfit. However, through Sarah's online classes she has build up my confidence because I know that I can take the classes at my own pace and if my asthma or my pain flares up I can switch to something gentler but it still keeps me active and moving. 

Sarah has got a really good range of classes that work whether you're just getting into fitness or you live for your workouts, I really like the mixture of styles so if you're not a fan of dance classes, she has body toning class and if you're simply not a class type of girl, she has a range of home/gym workouts that focus either on the whole body or on the different areas of your body. Now depending on what workout you choose to do, some parts have two sessions and others have up to 12 sessions per section meaning you are never going to get bored with your workouts as you can continually switch them up. Something I found really helpful was that in most of her videos, underneath the videos she included the name of the exercise you would be doing, how many sets you would be doing and how many of those exercises you would be doing per set, so you don't necessarily have to watch you could listen along to it say if you were at the gym or working out in the park. Her videos also include British Sign Language instructions which I don't think I've actually seen a fitness video with the BSL instructions on so this instantly puts it top of class for me!

I struggle so badly with planning my meals out as I never know what to choose so I end up with a variation of the same 6/7 meals so I've really loved the recipe side of the website as you get a range of meat, dairy free, and veggie friendly recipes. Now I am a pretty fussy eater so sometimes when I see lovely images of healthy recipes on Instagram or Pinterest I often have to swap out a bunch of ingredients so that I'll actually like eating it, whereas all of Sarah's recipes are things that I would actually eat, are actually healthy and help me work towards my goal of getting stronger and fitter.

Overall I'm really impressed with The Female Online Coach. I absolutely love how inclusive Sarah and her platform is and it really shows that you can get into fitness and have you own fitness goals regardless what your own abilities are. Sarah is also super nice so if you have any concerns, have any questions or if you need to work around anything in the workouts due to conditions or injuries, she can help you work around them no problems!

Are you a gym person or online classes at home person?

Speak to you next time!
Danielle Levy, Wirral blogger, Liverpool blogger,
*This blog post contains items gifted for review. All opinions are honest and my own.
Danielle Levy

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