My Top 5 Ways To Prioritise Self Care In My Daily Routine

Danielle Levy, self care, prioritising self care, Lilspa, beauty blogger, lifestyle blogger, Wirral blogger, Liverpool blogger,

Be honest with yourself, how often do you practise self care or are you constantly burning yourself out?! I've got to admit that I definitely don't prioritise self care into my daily routine but it is something that this year I am changing because let's face it, if I'm not willing to prioritise my wellbeing and my limits then you can bet that no-one else is going to. I thought I'd share with you all some of the simple, easy ways I've been prioritising self care so that hopefully you can start trying it out yourself.

Danielle Levy, self care, prioritising self care, Lilspa, beauty blogger, lifestyle blogger, Wirral blogger, Liverpool blogger,
Danielle Levy, self care, prioritising self care, Lilspa, beauty blogger, lifestyle blogger, Wirral blogger, Liverpool blogger,

Set Your Limits
For me this one is a self care in two parts but essentially it all revolves around of me being a people pleaser and not saying no to things, either work related or person related. I am a massive people pleaser and it's been the hardest habit for me to break but ultimately came to someone pointing it out to me and ridding my life of some toxic people to realise that doing it for the past 10-15 years was a massive no go. Ultimately making this change and being confident in myself and putting my foot down has shown me some people's true colours. I now have a one chance policy, if someone treats me horribly or considers a one-sided relationship ok then they're getting pulled up and if that behaviour repeats then I'm out. It's the way I now use to protect myself and my mental health.

The other part of this is that I've set limits on my phone, especially working within social media I could be on my phone all day if I didn't stop myself. I particularly set myself a limit so that of an evening I stay off my phone and social media before bed and am actually able to wind down, otherwise I end up being too stimulated and I can't fall asleep till like 11/12pm. Now that I've made it more of consistent routine, my next step is doing it in the morning too. My goal is to have a limit set for the morning too as this lockdown I have wasted too much time on the couch with the puppy and my coffee on TikTok in the morning instead of getting ready and on with my day. My other limit is with work, I have set times during the week that I will go through my emails or messages, whereas before I would always be switched on and would answer ones that came late at night. Sometimes I would say yes to too many work commitments and leave my schedule completely full instead of giving myself time for me. 

I use to be a huge book worm when I was younger and it's something I always say I want to do but I usually end up crashing in front of the tv before bed. For me personally, I've noticed that sitting and doing things like meditation don't work for me as my brain doesn't shut off and stop overthinking, whereas if I'm actively doing something like reading that keeps my mind busy and I can actually have some chilled time out without constantly running through my to-do list for the week or a conversation I had with someone weeks ago or a comment someone made that I overthought. I've found that taking the time out of my day/week to just curl up with a book and block out work, worries and life for a bit has really helped my anxiety. I usually tend to go for self improvement books in the morning and fiction books before bed.

Walks & Phone Calls
Before lockdowns one of my favourite forms of self care would be to meet up with one of my close friends and just take some time out with a coffee. However since lockdown these have either become facetime calls with coffee or catching up with my friends whilst I'm out on my daily walk. This month particularly I've really tried to be more consistent with going out for a long walk (and not just around the block with the dog) to get myself out of my head, some fresh air and sunshine. Usually these walks are somewhere isolated with me having to shield so I find that using this time to catch up with friends really helps to lift my mood.

Bubble Baths
This probably going to be pretty self-explanatory but I am a huge fan of bubble baths and it's something that I really don't put into my schedule usually because I fill my plate with other things I need to get done instead. So taking the time out of my week to have a bubble bath and pamper myself with the hair treatments and face masks really are a treat for me. During this lockdown I've really been loving taking the time out of my evening, turning my phone off and running a bubble bath with a decaf tea and catching up on some of my favourite tv shows.

What's your favourite form of self care?

Speak to your next time!
Danielle Levy, Wirral blogger, Liverpool blogger,
Danielle Levy

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