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Danielle Levy, Salamander Shirts, Tutti Rouge Lingerie, fashion blogger, mid-size fashion, lifestyle blogger, Wirral blogger, Liverpool blogger,

Since my early twenties, I've avoided shirts or blouses because thanks to my bust even if I wear a shirt that is several sizes bigger than my normal dress size, I'm always left with the gaping right where my boobs are. I still remember my 20 year old self saying I wish they made women's shirts with a button specifically right in the middle of our busts to stop the shirt from gaping. This frustration ended up with me starting to wear camisoles underneath and leaving the top couple of buttons undone to quickly becoming frustrated and giving up on wearing shirts altogether. It has taken me till I'm 28 to actually give shirts another go and I'm so glad I found the brand Salamander Shirts as they specifically design their women's shirts with this problem in mind.

Danielle Levy, Salamander Shirts, Tutti Rouge Lingerie, fashion blogger, mid-size fashion, lifestyle blogger, Wirral blogger, Liverpool blogger,
Danielle Levy, Salamander Shirts, Tutti Rouge Lingerie, fashion blogger, mid-size fashion, lifestyle blogger, Wirral blogger, Liverpool blogger,

Salamander Shirts
Salamander Shirts first came to be back in 2018 when Alex first decided to create the company on a family trip where he got matching shirts created for himself and his son. This idea was so special and fun that he decided to get seven matching designs made and whilst these were initially made for himself and his son, everyone fell completely in love with them. These seven designs then became the first line of shirts for Salamander Shirts and from there they've expanded even more to include an incredible range of shirts for women. 

Styling Them Up
Now I know that style is very much a personal thing and you may have a completely different style to me but I thought I would share with you some of my favourite ways to style up my Salamander shirts because I've fallen in love with them and I know that all three designs are going to be regulars in my wardrobe. Every single women's shirt features their anti-gap button design which is 3 buttons in close succession which works perfectly to prevent any awkward gaping or showing off of your underwear.

I decided to pick out one of their cotton denim shirts and two of their cotton paplin shirts so I could see the difference between the two fabrics and how they wear. One of my favourite ways to wear all three designs is to have the shirt popping out from underneath a jumper as a nice burst of colour, either just the collar and cuffs or wearing with a cropped jumper so you can see more of the design. 

Grenouille Soft Denim Shirt
This Soft Denim shirt is definitely my favourite out of the bunch, not only is it a super soft denim so you don't have to worry about it sticking out at a funny angle but it's an easy blue denim shirt to have in your wardrobe with lovely pops of floral pattern that you can either keep hidden or you can have it out to show off. 

One of my favourite ways to wear this shirt is in a double denim style look either with the front tucked into skinny jeans and ankle boots or it worn underneath a jumper with just the denim collar and floral printed cuffs sticking out. It gives me just the right pop of colour for days and makes me feel stylish on days when I just don't feel like getting super dressed up. 

Grenouille Navy Doodle Flower Shirt
I've really loved pairing this navy Doodle Flower shirt with my Tutti Rouge lace bodysuits and skinny jeans and heels. I either love to wear it with the bodysuit peaking out or with the shirt completely unbuttoned as an over shirt. For when we can go out again when things are safe again, it'd be the perfect outfit to wear to feel slightly dressed up for going for drinks in the pub with the girls but for now it's great for drinks with the girls over Zoom.  

I really love the print of this shirt with it's deep navy background and the floral print looks just like someone has hand drew the whole floral pattern with hints of orange, white and light blue. I like to wear it as the statement piece of the outfit however I think this shirt would also look gorgeous with bright white jeans come Spring/Summer.

Grenouille Navy Tulip and Heart Shirt
This navy Tulip and Heart shirt would work perfectly for either dressing up for work or down tucked into a skirt or with white skinny jeans. I love that this one is a cream background but the fabric is not completely see through so I don't have to worry about my bra showing through the top. 

I love that this print has a little hidden bits of navy and white star printed fabric inside the collar and underneath the buttons. I can't wait for the weather to warm up a little bit so I can wear this one with some white skinny jeans and sandals to go out for coffee and brunch with the girls. I was really worried about washing this shirt when I got it because of all the navy in the print, thankfully there was no issues of the colour running.

I'm so impressed with these Salamander Shirts, the styles that have are gorgeous and can be worn by any age. I've worn and washed these shirts a handful of times and I was really impressed with how well they came out. The first time I washed them, the first thought in my head was how creased they were going to be but thankfully I took them off the airer to find that it only needed a quick iron to shape the collar. I can't wait for things to become safer again so that I can show you these in action and you can be sure to keep an eye on my Instagram account to see them all styled up whilst out and about when it's safe.

What's your favourite ways to style up a shirt?

Speak to you next time!
*This blog post contains items gifted for review. All opinions are honest and my own.
Danielle Levy

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