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Last year was the first year since I was a teenager that I've used So...? products and I was completely amazed at how much they have expanded their products. I only found out about their Sorry Not Sorry bath and body collection back at the end of Summer last year when they came to Liverpool as part of their Summer roadshow.

The Sorry Not Sorry bath and body collection is a fun and vibrant range that is designed to relax, refresh and instantly nourish not only your body but your soul. They didn't do things by half, they launched the range with over 20 products in four different scents. If you're looking to treat someone or yourself if you want to try a few products from the range, you can actually pick up one of their Sorry Not Sorry hampers which come with five products for only £20 and they have four different scents you can choose from.

The lovely folks from So...? sent across their Tame The Mane hair mask and the Spread The Love body butter for me to try out and I thought I would share how I got along with them cause I've not only loved testing them out but I've also loved having them out in my bathroom cause of the lovely bright packaging.

Tame The Mane hair mask ~ Since I started highlighting my hair since I was a teenager I've been obsessed with using hair masks on a regular basis (I've also finally gotten my mum onto hair masks too) so I love getting to try out new ones, especially one that is purse friendly! The Tame The Mane hair mask is vegan friendly, is not tested on animals and is only £7 for 200mls of hair mask. I particularly go for hair masks that are suppose to nourish your hair and help keep it soft cause after years of highlighting my hair, it's really taken a hit and can feel so dry. 

I have used this as a quick deep condition and also as more intense deep conditioning hair mask and I've loved using it both ways. If I'm using it as a quick deep condition, I'll shampoo my hair then pop this mask in and leave it in for the remainder of my shower. I love that is still deeply nourishes my hair without it feeling weighed down and it also leaves the gorgeous Sweet Pea scent in my hair. When I'm using it as an intense deep conditioning mask, after I've shampooed my hair, I pop it on and will either sit in a bubble bath or leave it on whilst I'm running round the house going some cleaning and I LOVE how soft and shiny it leaves my hair!

Spread The Love body butter ~ I get really bad dry skin so I usually tend to go for body butters over body lotions because I feel like they really nourish my skin rather than just making the top layer of my skin soft. Now I am already well used to using body butters but for anyone that doesn't use them regularly, make sure you give it time to soak into your skin before you get dressed. Some body butters will take absolutely ages to soak in but the Spread The Love body butter soaks in within a minute so usually by the time I've worked up to the top of my body, my lower half is completely soaked in and I can start getting dressed and yes it is skinny jean safe! This body butter is another great bang for your buck product cause you get 25omls of body butter for only £7, it's also cruelty-free and vegan friendly.

I am actually in love with the Sweet Almond scent that this body butter has, I am not usually a fan of almond scented products but this Spread The Love body butter just has a really nice sweet scent with the slightest hint of almond so it's a perfect scent for anyone and everyone. I found that soaked into my skin super quickly and kept it feeling nourished all day even when my days are filled with cold air, heating, air conditioners and frequent hand washing. It even managed to tackle my dry elbows! 

I'm excited to pick up one of their Say No More lip scrubs when I run out of my current one and I also want to try some of their watermelon and sweet pea scented products cause those are some of my top favourite scents.

Have you tried the Sorry Not Sorry range yet?

Speak to you next time!
Danielle Levy, Wirral blogger, Liverpool blogger,
*This blog post contains items gifted for review. All opinions are honest and my own.
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