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Danielle Levy, Boho Vegan Cosmetics, beauty blogger, Liverpool blogger, Wirral blogger,

Late last year whilst in the middle of my nightly Instagram scroll, I found the Boho Vegan Cosmetics Instagram page and fell in love with the bright swirls of body butter and body wash that just looked so cute. I ended up suggesting it to my family as a Christmas/Birthday gift idea (I'm hard to buy gifts for cause I usually just buy anything I want or need) and they kindly bought me a couple of scents that I had my eye on so for the past couple of weeks I've been testing them out and thought I would share this small business with you all. 

Danielle Levy, Boho Vegan Cosmetics, beauty blogger, Liverpool blogger, Wirral blogger,
Danielle Levy, Boho Vegan Cosmetics, beauty blogger, Liverpool blogger, Wirral blogger,

Boho Vegan Cosmetics
Boho Vegan Cosmetics is an independent business in the UK owned by Jackie that offers handmade vegan body care products using only the best cruelty free and vegan ingredients, all whilst promoting self care and mental health. This year as well as all the body care products she offers, she's also started bringing out designer inspired heart wax melts so there's even more for you to choose from. All of her body washes come in a 200ml jar for £7.45 and her body butters come in a 65g jar for £6.45.

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My Thoughts
I am completely new to whipped body care products so I had no clue at all about how they would perform, what they would smell like or if they would even but worth the money but I am surprisingly converted to them. So far I have tried out two of the Boho Vegan Cosmetics body washes and three of the body butters, her products are quickly taking over my bathroom! 

Body washes ~ I have tried out the Pretty Pumpkin and Eye Candy body washes so far and have been impressed with them, the hardest bit of them is ruining the lovely swirl on top. Both scents came topped with plastic-free glitter and the cutest sprinkles. The Pretty Pumpkin body wash is toasted marshmallow and sweet vanilla scented which literally makes you smell delicious and I find it such a cosy scent. The Eye Candy scent is my all time favourite, it legit gives me Snow Fairy vibes and is supposed to be bubble gum and lemon drops scented. I always use a body puff with my body washes and with these I tend to wet my body puff then put a small amount in the centre of my puff then scrunch it and you get a ton of bubbles that leave my skin super soft.

Body butters ~ I've got three of her body butters, Rose Glow, Pillow Fight and Eye Candy. Rose Glow was the first one I tried out and is a firm favourite of mine. It's filled with Turkish Rose and Tonka so it's got a lovely deep yet sweet scent, I've found that even though it's scent is quite strong I find it pairs nicely with usual perfumes. A little of these body butters go a long way, I only need the tiniest bit to do my entire forearm and it leave my skin feeling silky soft whilst leaving my skin with the subtlest of shimmers. I tend to suffer with dry skin on my forearms no matter what body wash I use and I've found that using these body butters keeps my skin soft all day. I particularly love using the Pillow Fight body butter before I go to bed as it's filled with Lavender and Tonka, it's honestly such a relaxing scent and perfect for helping you to wind down for bed.

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I am so impressed with the bits that I picked up from Boho Vegan Cosmetics. They all came safely packaged but they also smell incredible and most of the scents are unlike anything I've ever picked up on the high street. It's such great value for money and they just look so pretty that they make the perfect gift too. My only problem is that I find it so hard to use any of them as I just don't want to destroy the lovely swirl!

What's your favourite independent business?

Speak to you next time!
Danielle Levy, Wirral blogger, Liverpool blogger,
Danielle Levy

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