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Danielle Levy, Jolie Beauty, Highlighters, beauty blogger, Wirral blogger, Liverpool blogger,

Since COVID started last year, I've been going for a lighter everyday makeup look that's simply my skin but better because dry skin and maskne is just not it and also so that I'm not just wasting my makeup rubbing it off on my face masks. Even though I've toned down my everyday makeup, I've really made sure to enhance my skin with highlighters because I love that glowing, my skin but better look so for the past couple of weeks I've been subbing out my usual highlighters for the Jolie Beauty Second Skin Highlighters in Dreaming and Saintly and I thought I would share how I got on with them.

Danielle Levy, Jolie Beauty, Highlighters, beauty blogger, Wirral blogger, Liverpool blogger,
Danielle Levy, Jolie Beauty, Highlighters, beauty blogger, Wirral blogger, Liverpool blogger,

A couple of weeks back the lovely folks at Jolie Beauty sent me across two shades from their new Second Skin highlighter range. I got the shades Saintly and Dreaming which are perfect for those of you that have pale skin like me but they do also offer two other shades that would look gorgeous on deeper skin tones. All of the Second Skin highlighters come in their signature rose gold compacts with a mirror so perfect for keeping in your handbag in case you wanted to top up your glow on the go.

Saintly ~ is a light champagne gold.
Dreaming ~ is a light warm gold.

Now my daily makeup routine isn't as intense as it used to be, even on my days off I haven't been going for the full coverage look with my base makeup, I've been going for more of a look that gives me natural, glowing skin instead. Over the past couple of weeks, I've given these Second Skin highlighters a good run over a full face of makeup, a toned down makeup look and on skincare only days and I'm so surprised with how well they've held up in all three looks. Whilst the Second Skin highlighters have been designed to give your skin a natural glow, it can also be built up to get that bold eye-catching look. 

Recently, I've been loving popping a little bit of Saintly (my favourite shade) onto my cheekbones, nose and under my eyebrows after I've applied my SPF and it just leaves a lovely light, natural glow that keeps my skin looking refreshed all day long. These highlighters also work really well as eyeshadows so when we are able to travel again, they're perfect for throwing in your suitcase as an easy multi-use product. Each compact gives you 13g of highlighter for just £16.99 which I think is very reasonably priced because a little of this goes a very long way so I can see these lasting you a long time. I only need to lightly dip my brush into the pan and I have more than enough product to apply to both my cheekbones and my nose.

What's your favourite highlighter?

Speak to you next time!
Danielle Levy, Wirral blogger, Liverpool blogger,
*This blog post contains items gifted for review. All opinions are honest and my own.
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