My Top 5 Hand Creams For Winter

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For the past couple of weeks I've noticed how dry and fragile the skin on my hands has become and whilst all the heating and hand washing is partly to blame, I've also been really lacking in using my hand creams purely because life has been so nuts this past month that I've been forgetting to put it on. So I dug back into my hand cream drawer (yes I have a small drawer filled with hand creams, since becoming a nurse on pretty much every occasion I always end up getting at least one hand cream so I have plenty to test out!) and thought I would share some of my favourites with you all in case your hands are suffering too!

Danielle Levy, ARK skincare, The Body Shop, Antipodes, NurseM, Winter hand creams, beauty blogger, lifestyle blogger, nurse blogger, Wirral blogger, Liverpool blogger,

Winter can be the hardest time of year on your hands because of a lack of moisture. What is usually the first thing you do in the morning or when you come home, you turn on your heating to warm the house up so you're not a little block of ice. Central heating combined with increased hand washing to avoid the dreaded viruses that come around during Winter can really zap the natural oils in your skin which can leave your skin susceptible to cracking, peeling or bleeding. I thought I would share with you all some of the hand creams from a range of prices that I've been loving over the past couple of weeks to help repair my hands this Winter.

The Body Shop
I've been a big fan of The Body Shop for years and their hand creams have been one of my favourites since I started buying from them. They are fairly purse friendly at £5.00 for a 30ml tube. Whilst you may be able to find cheaper ones at other shops on the high street, one big condition for hand creams is that they mustn't leave my hands feeling super greasy and like I can't do anything for a while till it soaks in so for me this is the cheapest option. Now they over 15 different scents (if you include the Christmas scents!) so you are guaranteed to find the perfect scent, whether it's for you or a loved one.

Now I am a huge fan of the Christmas scents they bring out every year so I've also picked out a year round favourite too. My top Christmas scents from The Body Shop have been the Spiced Apple scent and the Peppermint Candy Cane scent, both of which you can't get any more but both of them smelled incredible so I'd really recommend checking out their Christmas scents every year. I also picked out the Shea hand cream which contains Community Fair Trade Shea Butter from Tamale, Ghana and is the perfect hand creams for anyone that suffers from really dry hands but isn't a fan of the Hemp scent. It has a gel-cream formula which helps it absorb quickly into your hands without that greasy feeling. 

I found this one through an ads on Instagram and it kept popping up again and again, so when I finally spotted it one day whilst shopping in Boots I had to pick it up and I've quickly became addicted to using it. Little did I know that I actually tried it out in their old packaging when I first started blogging (I only realised that they were the same company when I was doing research into the story behind the brand for this blog post as they were under a slightly different name). Nursem was founded by the lovely Antonia, a paediatric intensive care nurse and her husband Jonny when she began suffering from dry, cracked and bleeding hands that even made her have to take time off work to recover from. The Caring Hand Cream is designed with naturally derived ingredients to really care for your hands and combat the effects of relentless hand washing. Their range has grown from the Caring Hand Cream to include purse-sized tubes, desk-sized bottles, hand washes as well as intensive hand moisturisers.

I already carry a lot of stuff in my scrub pockets (including my bulky inhaler and EpiPen) so I love that it comes in a slim tube that doesn't take up lots of room or get pierced by keys (we sometimes have to keep keys for our CD cupboard in our pocket and I've had a couple of hand cream tubes have gotten broken by these keys). When I'm using the Caring Hand Cream, I usually pop in on when I start/finish my shift then a couple of times throughout the shift when I remember and it's really helped soothe my dry, cracked hands by melting straight into my hands and after I've washed them for the millionth time whilst leaving them smelling great with the Manuka honey and White Willow Extract.

I have recently gotten into Antipodes products and their Deliverance Kowhai Flower hand cream was one of the first products I tried from the brand. I have both this hand cream and the ARK Skincare hand cream in my bedside table which I use every morning and evening and I've always loved the packaging on the Deliverance Kowhai Flower hand cream, it just looks so luxe left sitting on my bedside table if I forget to put it away (I'm easily distractible at home and have often left it out by accident because my mind became distracted by something else I need to do) and the art student in me loves that it comes in a metal style tube that looks just like acrylic paint tubes.

The Deliverance Kowhai Flower hand cream is filled with Avocado Oil, Sweet Orange and Cedarwood that is formulated to be non-greasy and easily absorbed to moisturise even the driest of hands. I find the scent of this one so calming which is why I keep it in my bedside table so I can use it before bed to wind down for the night. It's more of a thicker hand cream but is great for applying either last thing at home to let it nourish my hands overnight or after putting on my skincare.

ARK Skincare
The ARK Skincare Intensive Hand & Nail Cream is a new one for me this Winter but I know why it's an award winning hand cream, loved by all ARK employees. It is filled with Omega Fruit Lipids, Raspberry, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Red Algae and Amino Acids to help richly nourish and protect your hands. This is definitely my most luxurious hand cream at £20.00 for a 75ml tube but I think it's worth every penny. This is my go-to for when I want to give my hands a overnight pamper, I literally slather this stuff on then pop on some cotton gloves and sleep in them overnight to leave my hands feeling so soft and it feels like it gives my hands a protective layer. I find the formula really cooling when I pop it on and it has a beautiful warming scent so it's perfect for using in any season.

What's your favourite hand cream this year?

Speak to you next time!
Danielle Levy, Wirral blogger, Liverpool blogger,
*This blog post contains items gifted for review. All opinions are honest and my own.
Danielle Levy

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