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Danielle Levy, Femme Luxe, fashion blogger, Wirral blogger, Liverpool blogger,

I've always been a homebody and loved having cute but cosy loungewear to wear on my days off so you know I am all about finding new places that don't cost the earth but offer good quality loungewear pieces. For the past couple of weeks I've been putting the Femme Luxe loungewear through it's paces before I reviewed it for you all and so far I've been really impressed with the pieces I've tried out. 

Danielle Levy, Femme Luxe, fashion blogger, Wirral blogger, Liverpool blogger,

Femme Luxe are all about loungewear, in fact their website has an entire section dedicated to it with their matching sets being their key product and then individual items included too. I am a big fan of matching loungewear sets mainly because I feel like if it matches, I feel more grown up and like I've got my life together, is anyone else like this?! I wanted to give both the matching sets and individual pieces of loungewear a test to see how the quality was and how it held up to being washed and worn several times.

There were a million and one different matching loungewear sets in all sorts of different colours, but I decided to go for the Asia Grey Ribbed Belted Loungewear Set which comes in for just £21.99. Now I am notorious for ALWAYS being cold so I always have the heating on in my house so whilst I love having loungewear that is on thicker side, I like to have thinner sets so that if I'm definitely not going to be going out in the bitter English weather I can pop one of these on and crack the heating all the way up to stay nice and cosy. I've worn and washed the Asia Belted Loungewear Set the most and I've loved it. I love that it's a V-neck which I find one of the most flattering necklines for myself, it is also belted which helps accentuate my waist so I don't look like a potato! I washed the Asia Loungewear set on a typical cotton wash and I had no problems with the fabric shrinking or bobbling. 

I also tried out the Femme Luxe individual loungewear pieces, pairing up the Couture Print T-shirt and the Tan Cuffed Joggers. I am a huge fan of the Femme Luxe t-shirts as I find that they fit nicely, I'm between a 14 and a 16 and even being bigger busted, I don't feel like the tops are too fitted or that I'm constantly adjusting them. I've also found with all my printed t-shirts from Femme Luxe that after the multiple washes, the prints have held up really well, there's no cracking or fading. I really like the design of the Couture T-shirt as it can be used as loungewear but also dressed up for everyday. I am forever cold so I am a huge fan of cosy joggers for when I'm doing jobs round the house or blogging cause they're both cosy and comfortable. I have dressed up the Tan Cuffed Joggers I got from Femme Luxe with the Couture T-shirt, some nice trainers and a pair of sunnies when I've had a day out running errands. I always worry when washing new loungewear as I don't know if it'll bobble, discolour or will shrink but I've washed these joggers more than a handful of time and I've not had any of these problems. Overall I'm a huge fan of the Femme Luxe loungewear pieces and can imagine that I'll be picking up some more very soon!

Are you a loungewear fan?

Speak to you next time!
Danielle Levy, Wirral blogger, Liverpool blogger,
*This blog post contains items gifted for review. All opinions are honest and my own.
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