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Danielle Levy, Oro App, health blogger, nurse blogger, Wirral blogger, Liverpool blogger,

Since the middle of this year I've really been trying to focus on improving my physical and mental health. Whilst having Coaching sessions with Lauren Iles have been helping me change my mindset and mental health, I've been trying to work on the physical side of my health which has become difficult with us going back into lockdown and unable to go the gym. With the big shift in things my motivation and inspiration for meal ideas and workouts has been at an all time low so you know I jumped at the opportunity to try out the new Oro app and share my experiences with you all.

Danielle Levy, Oro App, health blogger, nurse blogger, Wirral blogger, Liverpool blogger,

Oro is the only personalised health and fitness app that is created by coaches behind Olympic athletes and world champions, it's designed to be the new standard for online fitness and nutrition. The app has been built in partnership with Loughborough University Sport's Performance Support team, this team has taken their expertise and created a fitness and nutrition programme that adapts to you, week-on-week to help you achieve your goal.

When you download the app, you complete a questionnaire that determines your current lifestyle and your goals. These answers and your reason for using the app are then used to create personalised exercise and nutrition plans, including step-by-step workouts and recipes. All the recipes included in the Oro app have been created by professional chefs, foodie influencers and the Loughborough team, you actually get to see on each individual recipe who created it and for some of them you can click on the picture and be taken straight to their Instagram profile. The Oro app has four different goal plans depending on what you want to get out of using the app.

  • Weight Loss Plan ~ Is designed to create a calorie deficit to allow you to loose up to 0.5kg per week. It is not designed to help you loose weight on a certain area of your body but is simply designed to help you loose weight in a healthy way and help you look and feel leaner.
  • Toning Plan ~ Is designed to create a small calorie deficit, you will loose fat mass but at a slower rate. The toning plan is high in protein so it's designed to help you get a leaner physique whilst maintaining muscle definition.
  • General Fitness Plan ~ Is designed to be calorie neutral so the aim is not for you to loose weight but you should notice muscle definition. The main aim with this plan is maintain good health and consolidate good nutritional habits.
  • Muscle Gain Plan ~ Is designed to create a calorie surplus for you to gain up to 0.5kg a week. It is designed to help you see an increase in muscle size and definition. 
My Experiences
The app creates your personalised exercise and nutrition plans that are all based off your answers to the questionnaire when you first created your account. The plans take into account how frequently you would like to workout and whether you want to workout at home or at the gym, it also takes into account any dietary requirements and how you like to structure your meals for the day. I love that your plan is not set in stone because if you change your mind on any of the answers to the questionnaire you originally submitted, you can go back and edit it at any time and it will then change up the plan depending on what answers you've changed.

I've been testing out the Oro app for the past month, I set my plan to be the weight loss plan as I wanted to loose a bit of lockdown weight and tone up, I also set the plan to do home workouts as my confidence to go back the gym after shielding has been great and I also set the plan to 5 meals a day which then gave me three main meals and two snacks. 

Now I am quite the fussy eater and when I've tried other apps like this in the past I've hated being locked into set meals because I simply wouldn't like the meal and would end up choosing a less healthy, easier to make option. I love that on the Oro app, every single meal you get four other options to pick from so you are guaranteed to find an option that you love. So far 90% of the meals I've tried I've really liked and I've been able to eat them without making some changes for things that I don't like which as a really fussy eater is a huge plus in my book! Although one thing I do forget to do when I use the app is to actually go back and mark off the meals when I've eaten them or my workouts that I've completed. 

I can become very focused on the numbers and I absolutely love that Oro don't shove this information in your face, the only place you can find your daily calories and macronutrients is in your Profile where you can measure your weekly weight and insert progress pictures (which is much more important than what the number on the scale says). I remember yo-yo dieting in high school and I got tricked into thinking that I had to eat 1000-1300 calories a day to loose weight and it's only this year that I actually realised you need to eat WAY more calories than that to put yourself in a healthy calorie deficit instead of putting your body into starvation mode.

I did notice that a couple of times during the month I was using the Oro app, the app did crash upon opening. That being said the app is brand new so I kind of expect there to be some small teething problems and usually completely closing down the app and reopening it solves the problem. The main part of my app I wish I could change/add onto is that I wish there was an option to see your shopping list for the next week's meal plan in advance instead of only being able to see it when the day the plan is ready. I do wish that it gave you the options and shopping list a couple of days in advance because I like to go food shopping either when it's quietest or I do it online so I kind of have to know what I need a couple of days before I order.

Overall I've loved testing out the Oro app over the last month and it's definitely going to be something I keep using going forward because it matches up with exactly what I look for in a meal/workout planning app, whilst still being incredibly user friendly. I can't wait to see what my long-term progress will be!

Do you use fitness/meal planning apps?

Speak to you next time!
Danielle Levy, Wirral blogger, Liverpool blogger,
*This blog post contains items gifted for review. All opinions are honest and my own.

Danielle Levy

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