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Danielle Levy, Slixir Hand Cream, Beauty blogger, Lifestyle blogger, Wirral blogger, Liverpool blogger,

We all talk about how much we should take care of our skin, but how many of you actually think about taking care of the skin of your hands?! Winter is always a tough time for my hands, they're normally left sore and cracked around my knuckles but coupled with being a nurse and cleansing them a million times during a shift makes the dry, cracked skin so much worse, not only on my knuckles but around my cuticles too. Thankfully the lovely folks at Slixir sent along some of their Hand & Polish cream to test out and share with you all.

Danielle Levy, Slixir Hand Cream, Beauty blogger, Lifestyle blogger, Wirral blogger, Liverpool blogger,

Did you know that your hands are one of the first place that shows signs of ageing?! Your skin on your hands age faster than anywhere else on your body due to daily exposure to chemicals, smoke and UV rays. Slixir have created their own premium anti-ageing Hand and Polish cream to not only protect your hands but also your manicure. It's a hard working, hybrid hand cream that is designed as a maintenance system for all nail coatings combined with an anti-ageing, anti-inflammatory formula that is filled with a premium plant blend oil, copper active, colloidal oats and light diffusing particles to help keep your polish, hands and nails in great condition for longer. The Hand and Polish cream even comes with very easy to follow instructions on the back to give you best results.

I tried out the Slixir Hand and Polish cream over a week of annual leave where I actually got the chance to paint my nails so not only could I put it to the test on my dry, chapped skin but also put to the test how well it kept my manicure in great condition. Normally at this time of year I started to get areas of dry, cracked skin around my knuckles as well as my cuticles looking very worse for wear so it's a tall order for any hand cream to tackle. For reference whenever I paint my nails I tend to find that the very edge starts to chip off and I have some smudges on the nail by the end of the first day, then by the second day the polish around my cuticle starts to chip off.

I've been using it first thing in the morning once I've done my skincare routine and then vice versa at night time. I've also been putting a slightly thicker layer on at night and sleeping with cotton gloves on once or twice a week to give my hands a more intensive boost of hydration. My biggest bug bear with hand creams is when it leaves a greasy feeling to the skin but thankfully even though the Slixir Hand and Polish cream has a thicker texture, it melts straight into your skin and gives it a silky matte feeling without feeling like you can't pick things up or you are going to leave marks on your clothes. I've also been using a very small amount on my cuticles a couple of times throughout the day especially when I'm in work to help with the areas that get particularly dried out by the frequent hand washing and hand sanitiser.

The Slixir Hand and Polish cream comes in a 75ml tube for only £14.95 which considering you only need a very small amount twice a day really makes your money go further as it takes you longer to go through a tube, this is a huge compliment because I go through tubes of hand cream like crazy! It's got a really nice, sweet, floral scent that's not overwhelming and since I've started using it I've been getting constant compliments whenever I put it on. I noticed that using it twice a day for a week whilst I had nail polish on, it actually improved the longevity of my manicure, it also helped stop the chipping at the cuticle and slowed down how quickly the edges of my nails chipped. I'm really impressed with how well it's improved my skin from only a week of using and I can't wait to see how it keeps my skin in tip top condition during the depths of Winter.

Do you use a hand cream on a regular basis?

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Danielle Levy, Wirral blogger, Liverpool blogger,
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  1. These sound great whilst we are doing extra washing! Love the texture shot.