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"Having my makeup done and wearing nice clothing doesn't automatically make someone healthy", you wouldn't believe the amount of people that think just because I look nice and can get dressed up or because I don't look like I'm struggling, that I've not been in a decent amount of pain every day for the past couple of years and the toll it's taken on me.

I wanted to feature my journey with chronic illness and pain more on my blog as it's as big a part of my life as being a nurse or being a blogger. Unfortunately for me, my chronic pain journey started just over three years ago when I injured my back rolling a patient in work and what we thought was a minor injury that I would recover from has never actually healed and the pain just gets worse and worse as more time passes. Now the medic in me keeps thinking that there's got to be an actual injury for me to be in so much pain but I've had pretty much every scan and blood test and so far there is no answer as to why I suffer with so much pain every day. 

As with any injury some days are better than others, sometimes I will wake up and I can get straight up and on with my day, other times it is incredibly painful just to be able to get up and sit on the edge of my bed and the simple things like having a shower and getting dressed can zap the small amount of energy I have left meaning I sit in an exhausted daze for the rest of the day. At the age of 27, I rattle more than some of my older critical care patients do with the amount of medications I need to take just to function and it's not just the medications and painkillers, it's heat pads, topical gels, physiotherapy and specifically designed workouts to help keep my baseline of pain as low as possible. Recently at the moment my baseline of pain is always at a 4-5/10 despite everything I am currently doing and for some that might not sound too bad but that is 3 years of constant pain at that level and that unfortunately wears you down physically and emotionally.

Something that I never realised about chronic pain/illness before it happened to me is that it costs an absolute fortune to keep things as manageable as possible. Between the cost of the medications and painkillers, physiotherapy, osteopath appointments, my PT sessions, different topical products as well as equipment such as massagers and heat pads, it quickly mounts up every month! My biggest annoyance and something that makes me feel really bad with my chronic pain is the things that I have to miss out on, I hate making plans then having to cancel last minute because I've woken up either in absolute agony and can barely move or I'm completely exhausted and worn out. 

To try and get some answers, I am currently waiting for consultant with a specialist but unfortunately due to COVID these appointments have been delayed as everyone that has been needing to see the same team since March/April time are being scheduled in on a first come, first serve basis so I am currently stuck in a bit of limbo waiting for this assessment and hopefully some steps in the right direction about getting on the right treatment plan rather than playing a guessing game with treatments and medications. I will be sure to share more of this journey here on my blog and if you would like to I will share more of it on my YouTube channel as well.

Do you suffer with chronic pain or chronic illness?

Speak to you next time!
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Danielle Levy

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