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Your house, your car, your belongings....there are so many things that we invest in but how many of us actually invest in what we put on our skin. I was so excited when I heard about Caroline Hirons releasing a skincare book or excuse me....a skincare bible cause she is THE skincare guru who knows everything about all different types of products, skin types, treatments and ALWAYS gives the best advice.

Caroline Hirons
If you don't already know her, shame on you! Caroline Hirons is an amazingly funny, kind and authentic woman who has worked in retail for over 30 years, trained over 100 brands and is a globally qualified advanced aesthetician. I find her really inspiring as someone that loves skincare because anything she recommends is always backed up with the science of why it'll work for you, she doesn't just recommend something because it's trendy or she's been sent it.

Who it's for?
Now I am such a bookworm and a beauty/skincare addict so I just love reading skincare and beauty book and have read a fair few now. I just love how easy to read Caroline's one is and how she's not just filled her book with text, she's gotten creative and also filled it with pictures. Think of her book like a skincare bible for absolutely anyone whether you're just stepping your foot into the skincare world or whether you're a fellow skincare addict like me. 

The Skincare Bible
Not only does Caroline give you an insight into how she got started including her nana working at beauty counters in Liverpool in the 60's (yay Liverpool!) but she talks through absolutely everything skin related. I love that to truly inform you about skincare, she features a section to teach you about the different layers of your skin as well as the difference between darker and lighter skin tones. Caroline teaches you everything from starting at the beginning with your skincare routine which she breaks down each product in the routine when to apply it and how to apply it as well as her top tips, she even breaks down what you should put on your face before different workouts. 

"Wipes are for fannies, flights and festivals only"

The book itself is broken down into 5 sections; a good skincare routine, skin types and conditions, when life happens, your kit, and here's the thing as well as a glossary at the very back which is super helpful for those skincare newbies out there. Whilst she strives to educate us all on skincare, throughout the book she also breaks down skincare myths such as 'eye products fix genetic dark circles' which honestly I think is fabulous cause even as a skincare addict some of the myths she spoke about I was completely unaware of. I love how she breaks down the myths and then gives her backed up recommendations if you are suffering from things like dark circles or 'acne'.

"If you would spend more on a bag than your face, you're reading the wrong book"

I'd highly recommend this to anyone whether you are new to skincare or you are a seasoned skincare veteran. Not only does Caroline give amazing recommendations on how you should care for your skin, what you should have in your skincare routine and why. She does it in a book filled with pictures (and a few funny action shots!) all with in her incredible no holds barred way of speaking, for those of you that follow and love Caroline you can really hear her through the way the book is written. You can get it from so many retailers, I purchased mine from Amazon for only £20.

Are you a skincare addict too?

Speak to you next time!
Danielle Levy, Wirral blogger, Liverpool blogger,
Danielle Levy

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