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Whilst I am the biggest fan of Autumn, I do love the Summer and the sunshine but I am part Scottish, I am not made for the heat at all! That being said, I am all about summer scents and I'm a huge lover of body mists especially in work as it allows me to smell lovely when I've been a sweaty mess during a busy shift. Thankfully, I can still enjoy the gorgeous summer scents with So...? body mists.

So...? Fragrances
So...? is dedicated to providing high quality fragrances that suit all tastes and budgets, they believe that beauty should be available to all no matter what your budget. Since their creation in 1994 So...? have been cruelty-free and never tested any of their products on animals. They offer their amazing scents in a million and one different body mists and perfumes as well having a whole body care range and hand sanitisers, they also offer hampers (where you can get a bunch of their body care products for only £20 and you save over £10) and a range of gift sets which is perfect with Christmas just around the corner!

So...? Scents
The lovely folks at So...? stocked me up with some of their Body Mist By So...? scents ahead of the #OnTheRoadWithSo event a few weeks back which I loved, it included a super cute ice cream van, an Instagram picture station (which I took advantage of!), all the new body mist scents for everyone to smell as well as your chance to win some of their products!

Even now being 27, I still remember my first experience with So...? fragrances when I was a teenager was the little So...? perfume bottles with the red dome lid. I genuinely thought that So...? only did fragrances but after the event I was pleasantly surprised to find out that they now offer a whole bath and body care range called Sorry Not Sorry as well as launching their own hand sanitisers. I'm trying to use up some of the current products I have in my bathroom so I can pick up some of the Sorry Not Sorry range to try out!

I've been putting the Body Mist By So...? mists to the test not only whilst I'm on shift but also in my day to day life. I've literally got one of their body mists everywhere because the bottles are only 100ml they fit perfectly everywhere, even in the smallest of handbags. I keep one in my car, my work locker and my handbag as well as with all my bottles of perfume. My top three scents are Sweet Pea, Watermelon & Vanilla, I have been using these three so much as they're totally my type of sweet scents without being completely overwhelming and for only £3.99 a bottle they are such great value for money (hence why I have a bottle everywhere!). Even though they're only a body mist, I can spray it on myself at 7am, run around like loon on a busy shift and still have people commenting that I smell nice at 5pm and when I take my uniform off at 9pm I can still smell it on my uniform when I throw it in the laundry basket so they are well worth it.

Are you a fan of So...?

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Danielle Levy, Wirral blogger, Liverpool blogger,
*The products included in this post were gifted. All opinions are honest and my own.

Danielle Levy

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