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I honestly envy those of you out there that have a 9-5 job that have a fairly consistent bedtime and wake up. Having to shield for 18 weeks was genuinely the first time in about 7-8 years that I had a consistent time that I went to bed and woke up. Having gone back to work and the mix of getting up at 5am and going to bed at 8am, it's really made me realise I was missing having a sort of routine with my sleep cause I've noticed that when I make a effort to actually do my sleep routine, my quality of sleep is so much better and I feel better physically and mentally. 

Why is sleep so important?
Making sure that you have a good nights sleep is so important to help protect your mental and physical health as well as helping to support healthy brain function. Whilst you sleep, your brain is forming new pathways to help to learn and remember information by enhancing your learning and problem solving skills. If you have a bad night's sleep, it can lead to problems with paying attention and your ability to make decisions. Have you ever noticed that if you have a rubbish nights sleep, you tend to really struggle the next with focusing on the work you need to do that day as well as being short-tempered and can't make a decision to save your life?!

Now getting myself a proper sleep routine wasn't as simple as just making a list of things I wanted to do and doing them. I wanted it to become like second nature, a habit so I could do it on autopilot, something I could even do if I'd a few too many cocktails with the girls or was absolutely shattered from work. To make it a habit I slowly started off doing one or two things at a time then once I was doing them at the end of the day without even thinking about it, I slowly started introducing a couple of new things that I wanted to do until I got to my current routine. 

I always used to be someone that would leave my makeup on until right before I was about to go to bed and my skin felt pretty horrid for doing that, particularly because I often would get too tired and end up passing out with my makeup still on (I know! I know! I can feel the judgement through the computer screen!) so sometimes my sleep routine starts earlier than others because it all starts with getting a cup of tea and doing my evening skincare routine (yes I do drink tea all year round, even when it's boiling hot!). Besides taking off my bra, taking off a full face of makeup is honestly the second most satisfying feeling of an evening. I wear a lot of long-wearing makeup and waterproof mascara so I usually double cleanse, using the Pre Cleanse from ARK to take my makeup off followed by Age Protect cleanser. Doing my skincare routine earlier in the night is my own little bit of self-care everyday because I'm actually taking care of my skin and it also helps me to mentally start winding down for the evening.

I am awful for getting into bed and sitting on my phone or watching TV for hours before I actually fall asleep so a big thing for me was to start being electronics-free for at least the last hour before I get into bed and to start reading a little bit with a cup of tea before bed, not only has this stopped the endless scrolling until the ungodly hours of the night and it's allowed my mind to actually relax so I can drift off to sleep at a better time of night. To help me drift off, I've been using the Deep Sleep pillow spray from This Works on my pillows before I get into bed to read a book and I feel that it's helped to calm me down and relax me so I can drift off to sleep easier. I love that the scent also doesn't make you feel like you've been smacked in the face with lavender but it's a nice, calming scent. 

Finally I've been trying to make sure that I go to bed and wake up at similar times, now this one has some edits because of me working shifts and I don't want to get up at 5am every single day cause your girl likes to sleep. Obviously the days that I am working, I have to get up around 5am to get ready and head out to work but on my days off I like to get up before 8am because I noticed that when I'm up before 8am I feel more energised and productive than if I have a lie in. I also have been trying to go to bed before 10pm with the view to be asleep before midnight because it means I get more sleep which I love even if I set myself a super early alarm!

Do you get enough sleep?

Speak to you next time!

Danielle Levy, Wirral blogger, Liverpool blogger,

Danielle Levy

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