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Is anyone else getting super excited for Autumn to come along or is it just me? I also feel like I was just going back to work and I blinked and August is already over, so to bring the month to an end I thought I would share all of my favourite products I've been loving including some of my work and skincare essentials that are helping me with wearing surgical face masks for over 10 hours a day. 

I feel like this month's favourites is a real mixture of things because beauty, fashion, and life related things because being back at work I've really mixed things up especially after 5 months stuck in my own home and not really doing too much. Has anyone else felt like since the lockdown has been eased you've really been switching things up in beauty products and life in general?!

Maybelline Total Temptation Brow
This has been my absolute go-to brow product at the moment, especially seen as I'm not wearing as much makeup at the moment. It's so quick and easy to use and actually lasts all day at work even though I touch/rub my face and eyebrows a fair amount during the day. I love that it gives me natural looking, fuller brows that aren't massively intense especially if I'm wearing next to no makeup.

The Body Shop  Hand Creams
With being back in work, I've been washing my hands and using hand sanitiser so often that I'm surprised that my hands aren't completely falling apart! To try and tackle how dry my hands have felt with all the hand washing, I've been using hand creams from The Body Shop religiously whilst in work but also during my time off as well as applying a thicker layer before I go to bed to give my hands a bit of a moisture hit whilst I'm asleep.

ARK Skin Protector SPF & Primer
This baby has been the last step of my skincare routine at the moment, it's an SPF & primer in one as well as giving my dry skin an extra moisture hit when I wear it. Because I've been simplifying my makeup routine for work whilst we're wearing masks, I've found that this primer helps to make my skin glow as well as making my pores look so much better without having to wear layers of makeup. I also love that it's an SPF at the same time as it's one less product that I've got to put on at 5am when I'm up for work.

ARK Hydrating Beauty Mist
I think we all know by now just how obsessed I am with facial mists in my skincare routine and especially at the moment cause my skin has been becoming so dry with having to wear face masks for extended periods of time. Whilst we were having that mini heatwave a couple of weeks back, I was keeping mine in the fridge so that it was extra cooling to my skin. I always spritz it in during my skincare routine but then I also spritz it on pretty much any chance I get throughout the day. Thankfully this facial mist works well to be sprayed over makeup and doesn't smear or smudge anything so I have sprayed it on top of a full face of makeup when I was melting and it not only smoothed my skin but it also refreshed my makeup.

Dermalogica Retinol Clearing Oil
Due to wearing face masks so often my skin has been freaking out and I've been breaking out all over the place so my skincare routine has really been focusing on tackling breakouts and hopefully stop any further ones. The Retinol Clearing Oil has really helped be improve my skin and deal with breakouts. This is my first retinol that I've tried out and surprisingly my skin has reacted really well to. I haven't had any issues with it besides a little bit of redness on my cheeks and it's been helping me tackle the breakouts I've been suffering from my surgical face masks at work.

So...? Body Mists
Now every time I reach for these So...? body mists, they bring back memories of being a teen and all the happiness I felt during this time. I've recently fallen back in love with them after needing a new body mist to wear at work. I never wear actual perfume to work as I don't want to overwhelm my patients with my perfume when they're already feeling so unwell, so I tend to stick to a lighter body mist that still makes me smell nice and makes me feel fresh even if I've been running round and sweating like a pig in my scrubs, that paints a really nice imagine of myself in work right?! My favourites are the Sweet Pea, Vanilla and Watermelon scents but if those aren't for you, they've got a ton of different scents you can pick from.

Lauren Iles Life Coaching
This is something I'm going to be writing a more in depth blog post all about very soon but during August I have been having a few life coaching sessions with the lovely Lauren Iles. I've never before tried life coaching and honestly since doing a couple of sessions with Lauren, I've become a happier, less pressured version of myself and have ridden my life of the toxicity and negativity in my life. A version that was always there but I never let come out. Life coaching is something I will definitely be doing more of going forward and even though we've been focusing on getting myself in order and becoming a more happier me, I'd also be really interested to see business/work side of life coaching.

What have you been loving during August?

Speak to you next time!
Danielle Levy, Wirral Blogger, Liverpool blogger,
*Some of the products featured as previously gifted. All opinions are honest and my own.
Danielle Levy

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  1. Yes I am very excited about Autumn coming ( I dislike Summer so have been looking forward to Autumn since like July hehe!). I love the sound of the Body Shop Hand cream.

    During August have been loving doing some fashion photoshoot and enjoying my training as an video editor along with going to Snowdonia.
    I like your blog by the way.