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Danielle Levy, Air Queens UK, face masks, Wirral blogger, Liverpool blogger, health blogger, nursing,

I've been slowly dipping my toes into venturing outside and getting some semblance of normality back in my life ahead of going back to work at the beginning of August. Now I know that face coverings are becoming mandatory only in shops from the 24th July, but I have made the decision that any time I leave the house I'm going to be donning a face mask to protect myself. I've got a little selection of face masks now and for the past week I've been putting the Air Queens face masks to the test to see if they work better for me as someone with a severe respiratory condition to help protect myself and flatten the curve.

Danielle Levy, Air Queens UK, face masks, Wirral blogger, Liverpool blogger, health blogger, nursing,

I am considered an extremely vulnerable member of society due to suffering from severe asthma but the risk of becoming infected with Covid-19 has now been deemed low enough that I can safely return to some form of my job all dependant on risk assessments and from the 1st August I can officially come out of shielding and actually go into shops, gyms and more. However with being allowed out of the house more, I'm thinking very careful about protecting myself as much as possible which includes finding the best face mask that works for me and my asthma.

Now I'm a Critical Care nurse so I do have to wear face masks from time to time and have to wear them for 12-13 hour shifts and believe me wearing them for that long really is not comfortable, as part of my job we also have to have fit testing to ensure we are wearing the appropriate masks that fit us correctly to protect us so I've tried out my fair share of face masks. 

What's The Fuss About Face Coverings?
Covid-19 is known to be spread through respiratory droplets from talking, coughing and sneezing from close contact with an infected person, you are also at risk of infecting yourself by coming into contact with a surface or object that has the virus on it. Think about how often during the day you touch your face, nose or mouth, this is why hand hygiene and facial coverings are so important right now because you could end up accidentally infected yourself by having the virus on your hands and then touching your face. It's important to note that it's not just people suffering from symptoms that you need to be cautious round, it's also asymptomatic people because they may not be showing symptoms yet or may never show symptoms so you could be interacting with someone that has Covid-19. The probability of transmission for transmitting Covid-19 is deemed to be very low if both a Covid-19 carrier and a healthy person are wearing a mask. That's why face masks are so important and such a hot topic right now!

You are probably seeing face mask brands popping up left, right and centre right now as it's becoming mandatory to wear face masks in shops and places where you can't social distance and more people are choosing to just wear them any time they are out of their house. You can choose disposable, washable, cloth, there really are so many options out there so you can find your perfect face mask. I suffer from severe asthma, I have a faster respiratory rate at rest than a lot of you reading and I've always struggled with covering my nose and mouth even if it was a loosely wrapped scarf so I've been testing out different face masks to find one that works for me for when I can properly leave shielding on the 1st August. Through this testing period I've been introduced to Air Queens and I wanted to share it all with you because whether you are struggling with face masks because you've never had to wear them and feel claustrophobic or you are in a similar position as me with a respiratory condition, they are a perfect solution for you.

Air Queens Face Masks
The Air Queens face masks are FDA-approved, N95 equivalent face masks that feature a nanofibre filtration system that offer over 97% particle filtration whilst being super lightweight, comfortable to wear and easy to breathe in. They use a nanofibre filter as apposed to a melt-blown filter like most disposable face masks meaning the fibres of the mask are closer together and offer higher levels of absorption.

⦿ They weigh less than a sheet of paper so provides all day comfort.
⦿ Unique design offers a secure fit regardless of face shape.
⦿ Allows for easy breathing without fogging up glasses.
⦿ Performs better than leading face masks in US and Korea for filter performance and breath-ability.

Now face masks on sale to the general public are of a one size fits most design which can often leave you wearing one that doesn't correctly fit to your face to fully protect yourself. The Air Queens face mask has a unique design that I've never seen before but has quickly become one of my favourites and even comfortably fits my small face which is an impressive feat! I've tried my fair few face masks and this one features the softest ear loops I've ever tried so you're gonna minimise skin damage on the tops of your ears cause you can't feel any pressure or irritation from the ear loops. It features a flap that tucks under your chin to ensure a secure fit and minimise your risk of particles potentially transferring to your nose and mouth from your chin. For my fellow glasses wearers out there, you need to get yourself a mask that contains a metal nose bridge strip, the nose section of the mask securely moulds to my nose and cheeks to ensure a secure fit and prevent exhaled breath escaping out the top of the mask and it also stops the mask riding up your face when you move and talk. I was also surprised to find out that you can actually wash the masks and reuse them, you can read more about it on their website.

Each mask comes individually packaged so it's perfectly sized to keep one everywhere just in case you run out the house and forget to grab one, I've been keeping one in my purse and one in my car so that I always have one to hand when I go out. When you remove it from the packaging, it's all folded to protect and keep the inside of the mask which will be touching your face as clean and sterile as possible. I've tested the Air Queens face mask walking around like I would be in shops or supermarkets but I've also tested it out whilst on hikes and dog walks and it's definitely the most comfortable breathable face mask I've tried so far and doesn't aggravate my asthma or feel claustrophobic when wearing.

You can purchase the Air Queens masks directly from their website for £2.50 a mask with a £2.50 flat-rate first class postage to anywhere in the UK. For those of you that are concerned about depriving PPE stocks from front-line NHS staff, you will be glad to hear that Air Queens are not currently in circulation within the NHS (although the US stockists do currently supply masks to US healthcare providers as well as general public) so you can buy with peace of mind that both yourselves and NHS staff are safe and protected.

If I can wear a face mask with severe asthma and survive with no asthma attack, STOP being selfish and put a face mask on and flatten the curve! Remember you're not only protecting yourself and your family, you're also helping to protect those extremely vulnerable members of your community who have been trapped in our homes for the last 14 weeks!

Have you got your face masks ready?

Speak to you next time!
*This is a paid collaboration with Air Queens UK. All opinions are honest and my own.
Danielle Levy

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