Looking Back on 2019

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Whilst the beginning of 2020 is looming just around the corner, I feel like it was literally last Christmas when I was on nights over Christmas even though that it was almost exactly a year to the day. I couldn't think of a better time in Blogmas to look back on 2019 as pretty soon there will be a blog post all about my goals for 2020. 

I found my voice. I feel like this one has taken me years to do but I'm finally starting to find my voice and never been afraid of saying no or standing up for myself. 
I learnt to trust the right people. I spent years putting up with shitty people because I was worried about not having any friends but this year as my anxiety has gotten better controlled, I've noticed that I've given up one one-sided relationships and only trusting people who look out for me as much as I look out for them.
I learnt not to beat myself up. This was a tough one that whilst I've not fully mastered, I am way better at now than I was at the beginning of the year. I've begun to change the way I think about myself and my negative thoughts towards myself, sometimes I do beat myself up about different things in nursing or blogging whether it's missing something or not being able to attend an event that everyone's at but I've learnt that there are more important things in life than being at the latest event or being gifted the latest products!
I learnt to take time off for myself. I am a workaholic, plain and simple! I am renowned for working myself into the ground in nursing and blogging without giving myself plenty of time to relax and have a life. I think this stems from not wanting to miss out on anything and again it's another thing that I want to work on next year and schedule in more me-time. 

I've collaborated with some amazing brands. Over 2019 I've worked with some incredible brands that I thought would have never looked twice at my little blog and that honestly makes me so proud of my little corner of the internet. I'm so proud that it's not only smaller brands that have been interested in my blog but this year larger brands that I never thought in a million years would be interested in a smaller blogger like me.
I've developed my nursing knowledge. This year I began to realise that whilst I may think of myself as not actually knowing that much and still feeling very junior, I've come to realise that I actually do know what I'm talking about and that has come from more junior staff asking me for help and me actually knowing what to do in that situation. This is an evergrowing skill that I'll have to develop over the years as there will always be new situations and skills that I'm having to learn.
I've become more consistent. This is something that I will be continually working on until I find my rhythm but I've noticed this year that I've been much more consistent with my blog and posting when I say I want to. My Youtube channel is a whole different kettle of fish but that is a goal for next year. 
I've been trusted with students. This sounds like a fairly silly thing to put but working in a critical care environment, student nurses or newly qualified nurses are paired with staff that are more senior and who the education team are confident in their knowledge and skills. Whilst I've not yet completed my nurse mentor course, I've been trusted to have students or newly qualified staff shadow me for a couple of shifts which has helped me trust in my own nursing knowledge and decisions. 

Have you reflected on 2019 yet?

Speak to you next time!
Danielle Levy, Wirral blogger, Liverpool blogger,
Danielle Levy

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