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I can't believe that it's already the 1st of December, this year has absolutely flown by and I'm kicking off this festive period and the start of my Christmas blog posts with my Christmas Gift Guide. I was going to spilt up my gift guides but I had too many Christmas blog post ideas so this one is going to be a long one so I would get yourself a big mug of tea (and maybe even a notebook to jot down your ideas) and we'll get into it. 

Danielle Levy, Christmas Gift Guide, Blogmas, Pandora, I Love Cosmetics, Baylis & Harding, Beeswax wraps, I Love Crafts, Liverpool blogger, Wirral blogger, lifestyle blogger,

This year's gift guide is going to be a mixture of gifts for everyone for all different prices so you are guaranteed to find something for everyone. The only thing that I'm missing that I picked up and wanted to include was a couple of things from the Shane Dawson & Jeffree Star collaboration but unfortunately they are completely sold out and won't be restocking until after Christmas so I haven't included it.

Nintendo Switch Lite
My first gift seems to be top of everyone's Christmas gift that I speak to and is even top of one of my family's Christmas wishlist, the Nintendo Switch Lite. This one is the perfect gift for anyone, young or old, male or female, there is a game for everyone and even myself the girliest of girls have found quite a few games that I'd love to play on, in fact I might even be borrowing it off him and having a little play myself! You can get these in three different colours and you can play all sorts of games on it (with it even having an online store as well with even more games) as well as being able to play games that are for the older Nintendo Switch console.

Dermalogica Body Set
At Christmas, I love giving people gifts that allow them to treat or pamper themselves even if it's just treating them to a more luxurious version of products that they usually use. This set of Conditioning Body Wash and Body Hydrating Cream is the perfect treat for someone in your life that always take care of others but never looks after themselves and the best part is everyone uses a body wash and body cream so you know that they're going to use it! 

The body wash is a rich, soap-free cleanser that helps to cleanse and moisturise without making your skin feel stripped. It contains French Rosemary, Chinese Eucalyptus, Tea Tree and Lemon oil to cleanse, moisturise and help awaken the senses. The cream helps to smoothe, tone and hydrate your skin which is perfectly for this positively baltic weather we've been having lately. It contains Orange oil, Chinese Green Tea, French Lavender and Patchouli in which helps to soothe and soften the skin whilst soothing your senses so this would be perfect to use at the end of a long day to help you unwind before bed. For me I am in love with the scent of the body cream (although I do love the scent of the body wash), I find it such a relaxing scent and perfect for slathering it on after a hot bath before climbing into bed!

Knitting Kit
I am so thankful that back when I was a teenager my nan taught me how to knit, it's something that's always relaxed me as I just focused solely on what I was knitting and could zone out the rest of the world. With all the stress of uni and starting my first job as a qualified nurse, knitting seems to have fallen by the by but I found this kit from Love Crafts to make the Lia scarf the perfect project to kick start me back into knitting. I decided to get the MilliMia wool in the shade Heirloom and my word it's so soft, I can't wait to make a scarf out of it and be all wrapped up in it in the cold weather we've been having. Love Crafts have super easy to follow pattern on their website that tells you exactly what you need and how to make the scarf. The lovely folks have given me a discount code DANLEV15 for 15% off for new customers for purchases over £10 that is valid from today for a month, it can be used on everything except PDF patterns, sale items, value packs, and gift cards.

Wireless Headphones
I've really gotten into wireless headphones this year as I've been travelling more and more and I've also been using them at the gym and when doing tidying around the house. I've got two pairs, one pair of over the ear headphones and one pair of in-ear headphones and surprisingly even for my stupidly small ears, the in-ear ones fit as they come with a variety of buds so you can change it up to ones that fit perfectly for you. I love the in-ear ones for using at the gym or when I'm getting trains and buses around the place as I can use them to listen to podcasts without getting all tangled up in the wires (short people problems), I also spend a lot of time editing videos and I'm a huge fan of over the ear headphones as they cancel the background noise and they don't hurt my small ears after a while of wearing them.

Beeswax Wraps
2019 seems to have been the year that everyone has seriously begun to start thinking about the environment so these beeswax wraps are perfect for your friends and family that have become very environmentally conscious this year. These beeswax wraps come in a pack of 6 in varying sizes so you can wrap anything from some fruit to take to work with you to your sandwich for lunch or to cover a glass tupperware with your dinner leftovers. The wraps stick to each other so you know that your food is secure in them, they're handmade, reusable and biodegradable so they're planet-friendly. To take good care of them, all you have to do it wash them with cool water and leave them to air dry.

I Love Cosmetics set and candles
I feel like Christmas isn't complete without receiving a set of smellies from someone, I've been loving the sets from I Love Cosmetics as the scent of these are incredible, the Glazed Raspberry scent legit smells like the tastiest raspberry doughnut! The Luxury Pamper Bag is perfect for a little add on present or even as a secret Santa gift as you get a variety of their scents in and you get everything you need (bar the hot chocolate and Netflix) for a pamper evening. In the set you get the Glazed Raspberry body wash, English Rose body butter, Violet Dreams bath salts and Vanilla Milk hand & nail cream. My favourites in the set are definitely the body wash and body butter cause they smell so good! 

Another easy Christmas gift is home scents, I mean we all like to come home to a house that smells amazing. Lately, I've had the Vanilla Milk candle and English Rose Reed diffuser going in my room and they smell incredible together, they're not totally overwhelming so the scents are competing with each other and neither are they the type of products that smack you in the face when you walk into the room. I'm not going to lie, I do wish they had some really Christmasy scents!

Pandora Me Bracelet
For me, Christmas always involves Pandora, whether I'm receiving it as a gift or buying it as a gift for someone. I'm not a huge wearer of jewellery because I work a lot and I can't wear a lot of jewellery in work for infection control reasons but I knew I had to have this Pandora Me Link bracelet. I'm all about the link style of the bracelet, I feel like it's such a unique style and I love that you can add the miniature charms on or just wear it on its own and it still looks amazing. I am a big fan of Pandora jewellery anyway so even treating someone to a stunning pair of earrings or a charm with a beautiful meaning behind it.

Jewellery Holder
We can all admit to having a pile of tangled bracelets and necklaces and nowhere that desperately needs to be sorted out and hung up. I know my mum for sure is someone that desperately needs a jewellery holder and I managed to find this one from Home Bargains, it was dirt cheap and surprisingly well made. Not only has it got plenty of hooks to hang your favourite necklaces or bracelets, but it's also got holes above the hooks that you can slot your earrings in so you're never missing one of your favourite pair of earrings! It's even got a dish at the bottom that you can put even more earrings and some rings. I really like the mix of different jewellery you can put on it as a lot of the ones that I've seen before that are just ring holders or only hold necklaces/bracelets.

ARK Skincare
ARK Skincare has got some great gifts at the moment including ones that can be used as stocking fillers. Whilst they have got some great gifts that are already put together, one of my favourite gifts is to put together a little pamper set with one of their gift boxes. My little pamper kit which includes the Triple Action Exfoliator, Hydration Injection Masque, De-Stress Serum and Gua Sha facial tool. I love putting together little 'kits' of products that I think would be perfect for a certain loved one as well as some of their favourite sweet treats, being able to personalise to the person shows the extra thought that you've put into their gift. You may have noticed that jade rollers and facial tools have been all the rage this year and Gua Sha is an ancient beauty ritual from Chinese medicine which helps you to achieve a radiant, youthful complexion by using a sweeping action which helps stimulates blood circulation and encourages lymphatic drainage. I love keeping mine in the fridge (I'm dying to get a beauty fridge for my skincare) and using it with either the hydration injection masque or the de-stress serum as it's so lovely and cooling.

Baylis & Harding
I felt like every year when I'm Christmas shopping, the gifts available from Baylis & Harding are just amazing. They've got a range of gifts from young to old, for him and for her and there is a scent for everyone. I've picked out a couple of my favourite gifts from this year's selection which was a super tough job to do! The Beauticology range has got a great selection, I love the Unicorn Bath Fizzers Set and Rudolph Luxury Foot Treats Set as they're perfect for treating someone to a pamper evening, I especially love the fuzzy socks that come in the Rudolph set as I'm all about fuzzy socks at this time of year cause I have ridiculously cold feet! I'm a huge fan of a big glass of gin so you know that I'm all about gin scented home gifts and I'm also all about candles (I may or may not have several going at once!), this year Baylis & Harding have got an entire Sloe Gin range and I'm in love with the Sloe Gin candle, it smells incredible and I've been leaving it open so I can smell it whenever I walk into my room!

Are you all prepared for Christmas or still buying presents?

Speak to you next time!
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