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Danielle Levy, Christmas budgeting, budgeting, Clever Fox Budget Planner, lifestyle blogger, Wirral blogger, Liverpool blogger,

Christmas is the time of year that I look forward to all year round, I've always loved it since being a little girl but as I've grown up and began to budget for the festive season I thought I would share with you all some of the tips and tricks I've picked up along the way so you can still enjoy the festive period without feeling like you're living on pennies.

Danielle Levy, Christmas budgeting, budgeting, Clever Fox Budget Planner, lifestyle blogger, Wirral blogger, Liverpool blogger,

You might find that a lot of these tips are too helpful this year but they are things that you can take into 2020 and help you budget out your money so that you can enjoy next year without worrying about how much you've got to last you through Christmas and New Year. I hope that there maybe even some budgeting tips that you can use year in and year out.

Start In January & Split It Up
This is one of my biggest tips that I've done for the past couple of years and it's something that I always tell everyone about. In January dedicate a note on your phone to Christmas (now bear with me), in that note split it up into the main people that you buy Christmas presents for every year. I then leave that in my phone and whenever some I buy presents for mentions something they'd love to buy but would never buy for themselves, I add it to the list. Then as my Christmas savings build up and all the sales pop up in the summer or autumn, I can pick them up when I see them on offer and don't have to rack my brain for ideas come October.

Now I only do this tip with adults, I never have to buy for kids but I presume with new launches coming out month on month in the lead up to Christmas that this probably wouldn't be helpful for them but you could use it buy everyone else's presents then put money aside to buy present for the kids closer to Christmas so you don't feel like you're buying a million presents in two months.

Put Overtime Into Savings
This is something I've started doing this year, for Christmas and to my saving overall. Whilst I do portion a certain amount out of my monthly salary, I've started making sure that any overtime shifts I do throughout the year (or if I ever made money through blogging) goes into my savings or ISA so that I have a little pot of money put aside to buy people's Christmas (or Birthday) presents with which is really helpful when it comes to buying them when they're on offer. This tip is one that is helpful for life in general and not only Christmas.

Use Cashback & Loyalty Points When Buying Gifts
When it comes to buying gifts, as much as I love going and buying Christmas presents in person I live a busy life between being a nurse and the blogging world that sometimes it's simply easier to order it online and have it delivered. For anything that I order online, I always check if I can use Topcashback on my purchase to see if I can get a percentage back. I find it a great way to shop as they have so many places from food, fashion, insurance, travel and loads more. I love that I can save my cash back throughout the year then treat myself to something nice around Christmas.

Another thing I am a big fan of is the free points schemes that some stores offer such as Superdrug, Boots, Debenhams, and Tesco's. These are great for building up over the year as not only can you save those points up till later in the year so even if you're buying your food shop, toiletries or makeup that you use every day you can build up your points and use that towards presents (for yourself or others). I have also noticed this year that a lot of stores with the free loyalty points schemes have been having special offers for those involved in the schemes, in particular, I noticed recently that Superdrug were having offers where a gift had been reduced from £60 to £40 but for those with their points card it was reduced by a further £10 to make it half price which is perfect if a present you're going to get for someone is in these offers.

Set A Budget & Have a Budget Planner
A big thing that helps me with Christmas is setting a budget otherwise sometimes I can overdo it or because I pick up things throughout the year, I sometimes forget what I've bought people already and buy even more. At the beginning of the year when I make a list of the main people that I'm going to be buying presents for, I put down a realistic budget for each person. Now when it comes to budgeting for each person, I always strive to be as realistic as possible with it. Whilst I would love to spoil everyone rotten, that's just not in my bank balance. It's important to realise that Christmas is not about the presents and spending all your money, you can get great presents for everyone whether your budget is £10 or £100! 

My budgeting angel this year has been my Clever Fox 12 month Budget Planner, this thing is completely undated so I can use it one month and take a miss the next month and I'm not wasting anything. Each month you get a budget section where you can put a rough estimate for everything then at the end of the month you put in how much you actually spent on it so you can see in black and white whether you're actually sticking to the budget, you also get an expense tracker so you can account for every penny that you spend as well as a monthly review so you can reflect on the past month and see how well you've done/where you can improve. I love that at the back it actually has it's own dedicated Christmas section where you can set your budget not only for gifts but for anything related to Christmas as well as keeping track of what gifts you've bought and their price.

Don't Go Into Debt Buying Presents
My last and most important tip is that no matter how much you love Christmas and how much you love your friends and family, don't go into debt buying presents or going over the top this festive period. I know that we all want to make Christmas special but you can do that by saving up in advance instead of putting yourself into debt and potentially have worse consequences later in the year should you fail to pay things off. Remember your friends and family will love you whether you bought them a cheap box of chocolates or a Gucci handbag, they will be happy that you are all happy and healthy. 

What are your top tips for budgeting for Christmas?

Speak to you next time!
Danielle Levy, Wirral blogger, Liverpool blogger,

Danielle Levy

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