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Living with asthma is no easy feat and can be challenging to manage at times, for me it takes medications, exercises and lots of monitoring to keep it at a semi-stable level that doesn't massively affect my quality of life or leave me with a chest infection. Recently, I was gifted a Smart Peak Flow to try out to allow me to have a quick, easy and portable way to monitor my asthma and the ability of my lungs to expel air. 

I've had asthma since being a child, it's something that I've always had to manage and deal with with the help of my asthma nurse. One of the measures that I use to monitor my asthma is a peak flow meter, if you or anyone you know has asthma or a breathing problem, you will know that peak flow meters aren't a small, portable thing. Especially for someone with severe asthma, it can be difficult to manage when out and about or especially on holidays as having to make sure you've got a large, clunky machine is hard. Thankfully Smart Peak Flow has brought peak flow meters into the 21st century with the launch of their small, portable peak flow meter that connects straight to your phone.

Smart Peak Flow became a concept back in 2014 and was finally created and launched to the general public in 2017. They wanted to invent a way that progressed asthma care and allowed people to care for their asthma in an easy, convenient way. The small device connects straight to a smartphone via the headphone port (don't worry for those with newer iPhones as you can still use it with the small aux adaptor you get when you got the iPhone) which monitors and tracks your result via an app. The app compares your day to day results with your personal best and gives you the percentage of your personal best as well as either red, yellow, or green colour for a visual indication of how well your asthma is doing at that point. The red zone indicates that your lungs are functioning under 60% of your best as well as giving you indicators of symptoms to look out for and what to do. 

I wanted to test this out in the changing of the seasons because that is when my asthma is worse, often starts to play up and I end up with colds and chest infections. I tried incorporating it into my everyday life, not only when I was at home but even when I was out and about to see how easy it was to add it into my lifestyle. Whilst using a normal peak flow meter isn't a huge burden (after you've used one for years, you just tend to get used to it) I tended to get into a routine and do it every morning, the thing that really bugged me was not having it on the go if I had a flair up or became tight chested whilst out but also having to have somewhere with it written down and getting an average peak flow without going back and tallying things up.

From testing out the Smart Peak Flow, I really like it. I like that it allows me to assess my asthma on the go and as time passes I'll be able to see any trends between my asthma and the weather to allow me to have better control during the months that I know are a problem. I also really liked that by using it with the app, I was able to actually show my asthma nurse how good or bad my asthma has been and shown her my actual peak flow measurements which can be entered into my patient file for up to date information on my asthma. My one downside with it is that the actual blowing into the product takes some finessing and I've noticed that even if I do it exactly as the app instructs you too it doesn't register that I've blown into the device. This error doesn't happen all the time and it mostly seemed to be happening in the summertime when we had the curtains and windows open as well as the fans on. 

I feel like having this small, portable peak flow meter has really taken asthma care and management into the 21st Century. It's something that I've incorporated into my everyday asthma care and I truly recommend it to others especially those with severe asthma like myself to allow you to keep a close eye on your peak flow and monitor for any warning signs that may proceed an attack.

Do you use a peak flow meter regularly?

Speak to you next time!
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*I was gifted the Smart Peak Flow for review. All opinions are honest and my own.
Danielle Levy

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