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Back in July, I featured some products I had been kindly gifted from No7 in my New In series and I'm finally back to tell you all how I got on using it every day for 30 days! 

I remember back when I first got into skincare and makeup, I always thought that the most expensive products worked the best, because why else would they be so pricey if they weren't incredible and completely transformed your skin?! Thankfully I've come to realise that you no longer have to spend heaven and earth to get amazing skincare, it's all about what works for you and what your skin needs over price tag any day. If you look in my skincare drawer now, you will see a mixture of more luxury products from higher-end brands as well as a bunch of products with a much lower price tag from the drugstore. 

I spent some of July/August testing out a No7 skincare routine I was kindly gifted and honestly I was surprisingly impressed. Going into it I thought with it having a lower price tag I thought I might have struggled to find products that help quench my chronically dehydrated skin, I have had previous lower-priced products that I've had this problem with and it's left me with big, visible dry patches under my makeup so I was a bit nervous that that could happen going into it. So let's get into the nitty-gritty with what I thought....

My Favourites
Whilst I love taking my makeup off, I'm not going to lie I'm sometimes really lazy and fall asleep with my makeup still on. I know, the cardinal beauty sin! One of my favourites and one of the things I had tried before the 30 days of No 7 skincare was the revitalising face wipes, I always pick up a pack of these bad boys whenever the £5 voucher offer is on in Boots as it makes them only £2.50. I find these particularly useful when I'm on nights and all I want to do is just pass out when I get home and these take off my makeup without irritating my already sensitive eyes. Along the cleansing route, I've also loved the cleansing balm and the purifying foam cleanser. When I'm not absolutely exhausted I have been using these on makeup days to do a double cleanse of my skin and I love how soft and hydrated my skin feels after using them. 

Since trying these out over 30 days I've noticed that since I stopped religiously using them in the middle of August I've been using the hydraluminous serum every day and it just soaks straight into my skin and I could apply my moisturiser straight on top. As we all know I'm a huge fan of fan masks so I couldn't try out N07 skincare for a month without including a face mask (in fact I tried out two), my favourite was definitely the Laboratories CiCa rescue mask that you actually use as an overnight mask a couple of times a week. I typically work 3 day shifts a week (when I'm on days) so after double cleansing my skin I pop this one on and it reduces any redness in my skin and leaves it glowing the next day. 

My No So Favourites
I've had the protect and perfect eye cream since receiving it in an advent calendar at Christmas, I've tried it on and off since Christmas and since using it every day I found that it works ok, it hydrates my undereye area but I don't find that it helped with dark circles or fine lines around my eye area. I have loved using the new Laboratories dark circle corrector as I feel like it helps firm and de-puff my under eyes as well as being slightly tinted in order to help neutralise the deep, blue tones in my under-eye bags. 

Overall I was actually really impressed with how my skin looked at the end of the month, it felt much more hydrated and less irritated. I've always heard such good things about No7 from people of all ages so I was already excited to try them out and I can see some of them being staples in my skincare drawer. 

Are you a No7 addict?

Speak to you next time!
Danielle Levy, Liverpool blogger, Wirral blogger,
*I was gifted these items by No7. All opinions are honest and my own.
Danielle Levy

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