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I am forever that girl that is stuck in a rut with products and will always use the same things month in, month out. I am making more of an effort to switch things up to make things more interesting but to also use up the million and one products I've got in my makeup drawers. 

So what have I actually been loving during this hot and humid month?

L'Oreal True Match Foundation
This has been my go-to foundation for work for legit nearly 3 years, besides my Rimmel Stay Matte powder I don't think I've ever stuck with a product that long! Being the palest of the pale I've found colour matching in the drugstore (or Superdrug/Boots to those of us in the UK) so hard since I got in makeup back in high school! This is one of the few that actually matches me and doesn't make me look like I'm wearing a mask but it also lasts me (in combination with my other go-to products for work) through a full 16 hour day.

No7 HydraLuminous Water Concentrate
I was kindly gifted this from the lovely folks at No7 for a testing out No7 skincare for a month and I must say I've really come to love it, especially in this hot, humid weather. I've been using this twice a day as a serum before my moisturiser and I've actually been keeping it in the fridge whilst we've had this humid weather, its a much more of a watery serum but I find its in super fast but leaves a refreshing feeling to my skin.

The Body Shop Hand Creams
I don't know why but my hands seem to be falling apart which I find super weird cause that usually happens in the winter because of how often I wash my hands/use alcohol gel in work coupled with the really cold weather. Since becoming a nurse, I feel like people have always bought me hand cream as a fail-safe present because we wash our hands so much so I've had a little selection of small hand creams from The Body Shop to use up. I'm impressed with how quickly these absorb without leaving my hands feeling really greasy and slippery. 

Nivea Lip Balm
Being on nights at the minute means I drink WAY too much tea and not nearly enough water, that coupled with the dry air in work means that not long into my night shifts I've been left with super dry lips that only copious amounts of lip balms seems to fix! I've been using the Nivea lip balms in the sticks and the lip butter pots for the past couple of months as again this was another thing I seemed to get a lot of at Christmas (anyone else get loads of lip balms at Christmas but it takes them forever and a day to use them up?!).

Facial Mists
One of my must-have saviour for this hot, humid weather has got to be a facial mist, particularly one that's been left in the fridge. I've slowly been testing out mists from different brands but I've been loving taking The Body Shop facial mists on the go with me, mainly because they are really cheap so if it gets wrecked or broken I'm not utterly gutted cause I can just go and pick up another one. I love that they are all different scents and made for different concerns. I particularly love the strawberry, rose and mandarin as they smell amazing and are perfect for refreshing my skin during the hot weather but also for reviving myself during my night shift when I start flagging. 

HydrateM8 Water Bottle & Fox & Moon Food Planner
I'm getting back on my Slimming World journey this month (yes I fell off the wagon for a little bit) so I've fallen back in love with my Fox & Moon food planner because I find that if I've got to write it down I'm much more accountable and think more about what I'm eating! I've been using my HydrateM8 water bottle in my everyday life and particularly in work as it's perfect for getting more water in as it's 900mls but it doesn't seem like you're drinking loads of water which is really helpful if you struggle drinking water every day. I can easily drink about 3-4 of these bottles in a day and I basically drink until I'm no longer thirsty anymore. 

Online Food Shopping
I'm not going to lie since I've been on nights I've been obsessed with doing my healthy food shopping online as it's so much easier as I'm like a walking zombie when I get up after a night shift and am just about able to eat, shower and get ready before I have to go back in, nevermind getting dressed and going out to getting a food shop (I'd no doubt come home without the things I needed and just a bunch of unhealthy stuff!). When I'm on nights I can plan out my meals for the week and make sure I get the healthy ingredients that I need for those meals and there's also less temptation because you're not walking up and down aisles at a supermarket.

Google Calendar 
This is a bit of a weird one but this past month I've become obsessed with using my google calendar. Yes I do have my Erin Condren life planner but I pretty much keep that at home as it's not exactly a small diary and I did use to use an app on my phone to track my shifts at work but I found I would block off a day I couldn't work and not put why so I would end up turning down opportunities or double booking myself. This month I've been using it to plan out all my shifts at work, any events or appointments and also planning out my blog and youtube content and I've found that using it for this has helped me to feel like my content is a bit more well rounded and not a ton of beauty posts together then a bunch of event posts. 

What have been your favourite things in July?

Speak to you next time!
*This post contains a gifted product from No7. All opinions are honest and my own.
Danielle Levy

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