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Being a nurse means pretty much the only jewellery you can wear on shift is a plain wedding band, that coupled with a nickel allergy often means that there's not much jewellery that I wear on my days off because it's hard to find pieces that I can actually wear and that I also like enough to wear day in, day out as you might be able to tell I'm a little bit lazy when it comes to fashion sometimes! Last week, I got to spend the afternoon with the lovely folks at Mococo to check out the launch of the new Thomas Sabo boutique in store and try on some the new pieces.

Danielle Levy, Thomas Sabo, Mococo, Thomas Sabo X Mococo, Mococo Liverpool, Met Quarter, Liverpool blogger, Wirral blogger,

Thomas Sabo has been around since 1984, since then the brand has been a combination of versatile, innovative and trendsetting jewellery. They have everything from jewellery to sunglasses to their charm club, there is something for everyone and all the pieces are made to work and compliment each other.

Last week, the lovely folks at Thomas Sabo and Mococo invited me to their launch event at my local Mococo in the Met Quarter with a bunch of my favourite bloggers. Not only did they have a live DJ and specialised cocktails for the new jewellery launches, they even had someone there teaching us how to make macrame plant hangers. That just took the event to a whole other level!

The latest launches are a beautiful combination of gold, silver and beautiful jewel tones. The new collection features dragonflies, tropical leaves, parrots, feathers and compasses. It's not only a collection of dainty jewellery, it's also got some more edgy pieces that look incredible layered together. One of my favourite pieces from the event was the gold circle necklace that not only can you wear at different lengths, you can also clip on the different charms to make it a completely different necklace every time you wear it! I also spotted my amazing friend Kathryn wearing the compass and love necklaces layered together and I thought it was such a pretty combination and it instantly made me want them!

Unfortunately, I finished nights the morning of the event so as much as I wanted to stay and make my own macrame plant hanger, I was exhausted and had to leave earlier to head back to my bed for an early night! Before I left, I was kindly given a little goody bag from Thomas Sabo and Mococo in which they'd given us a stunning pair of star-shaped Mococo earrings and a Thomas Sabo charm club bracelet to start our Thomas Sabo jewellery collection! I had such a fun time at the event, I was gutted that I had to leave so early but I've definitely got a couple of pieces that I want to pick up from Mococo next time I'm in town.

Are you a Thomas Sabo fan?

Speak to you next time!
*I was invited to the Thomas SaboXMococo event. All opinions are honest and my own.
Danielle Levy

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