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Danielle Levy, Boss Babes Brunch, Social Butterfly North, Liverpool blogger, Wirral blogger,

As part of being a blogger, I tend to attend events for different brands but it's not often that I get to attend events where I get to sit down and have a proper chat with a bunch of business owners, especially smaller, more unique businesses. Last week, I pushed myself outside of my comfort zone and went along to the Boss Babes Brunch to meet a bunch of local business owners and network!

Danielle Levy, Boss Babes Brunch, Social Butterfly North, Liverpool blogger, Wirral blogger,
Danielle Levy, Boss Babes Brunch, Social Butterfly North, Liverpool blogger, Wirral blogger,

The Boss Babes Brunch was held in one of the prettiest places in Liverpool, The Florist! I haven't visited The Florist since May last year when I went to the launch event, purely because it's not right in the city centre so often when I'm meeting with friends we end up picking a place that's close by especially for those that don't come into the city centre for drinks very often. That being said, it's always somewhere that I recommend if someone is looking for somewhere really nice to take visiting family or friends or for a special night out because it's just so pretty inside! The whole Boss Babes Brunch was created by the amazing Katie Lee and I'm so glad that we've got an event like this in the North West.

We started off with some drinks, chatting and glitter makeup whilst everyone arrived, of course I had to get an iced latte because I'm melting in this hot, humid weather! Once everyone had arrived, it was time for speed networking, we all got 2 minutes for quick introductions and quick-fire questions to get to know one another! After that, it was time for a really inspiring and super funny talk from Jess of Jazz Stan Artworks, not only did she give us some tips about working from home but also about some tips about being self-employed. 

Some of her working from home tips were:

  • Get dressed ~ even working in your slippers can make you feel less at work and more at home so you could be less productive. 
  • Make your bed ~ At least you've accomplished one thing today if you make your bed in the morning.
  • Workout/stretch ~ Get your workout done and out of the way before you start work as you'll feel more accomplished starting your workday as you've already checked something off your to-do list for the day. It's also important to make sure that you're at a minimum stretching especially if you are going to be cramped at a desk all day.
  • Have a tidy desk ~ Well tidy desk, tidy mind....right?
  • Be organised ~ Whether you're a paper planner or all about the technology planner, find what works for you and use it! I like to have a google calendar so I have my planner to hand in case I get asked something whilst I'm at an event or work and don't have my planner to hand but I do love the satisfaction of ticking things off in my paper planner.
  • Find reasons to leave the house/workspace ~ Whether you go for a walk and some fresh air, go out to a local coffee shop or go out to get your lunch, find a reason to get out of your workspace and give yourself a break. Don't cramp yourself in your house or workspace all day, you'll end up with cabin fever!

Her self employed tips were:

  • Get out there and network ~ You need to network and get yourself and your brand out there.
  • Practice self-care ~ You work for yourself, if you don't look out for yourself now who is?!
  • Say nice things to yourself ~ You work hard, you need to be able to say nice things to yourself as beating yourself up isn't going to get you anywhere. Remember to be your own best friend rather than your worst enemy!
  • Watch mindless stuff when working ~ When you're working on your own, sometimes it can be a little bit lonely so watching (or listening) to mindless stuff that you don't really pay attention to can make those late work nights feel less lonely. I really like listening to podcasts and music as it's something I can have on the background as sometimes it can be really hard to work in complete silence.
  • Pinterest ~ Using Pinterest can really help to direct towards your business and your website.
  • Book something to look forward to ~ Sometimes being self-employed can be very samey, so make sure that you book yourself a little treat that you can look forward to so when you are struggling to stick to work and all you want to do is waste the next couple of hours you know that you've got a special treat coming up.
  • Stretch ~ Make sure you're not spending hours and hours hunched over your work, make sure you take the time to stretch or do some yoga. Make sure you get moving and stretch out your neck and back as being hunched over a computer all day is really not good for you!
  • Work hard, get excited and go for it ~ You work extremely hard for everything that you've accomplished and you're incredible for doing it all, be sure to get blooming excited about it. You should be so excited for everything you do as that excitement will help you push further to go after what you want.
I can't wait for the next Boss Babes Brunch and to be able to catch up with some incredible boss babes in business from around the North West. 

Speak to you next time!
Danielle Levy

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