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It's time for another Behind The Camera, I feel like it's literally been over a year since I last featured one of these but I've found it a great way to get to know the person behind the blog, vlog or business. I'm thinking of maybe switching things up every month or so where I feature one of mine (or your) favourite blogger, vlogger or business owner, this month I'm featuring the beautiful Laura from Can't Buy You Style.

Danielle Levy, Can't Buy You Style, Behind The Camera, Liverpool blogger, Wirral blogger,

Introduce Yourself
Hello! My name is Laura and I am a Liverpool Blogger. I am 30 years young, grew up in the North East but I call Liverpool my home after moving here for uni and - as we all do - stayed - because it’s such a fabulous city! I am a Digital Marketing entrepreneur and I run my own business called the Beauty of Business. My passion for the digital world began when I created my very first blog over 7 years ago - and here we are today!

Tell us about your blog & what inspired you to do it?
My blog is called ‘ Can’t Buy You Style’ - because money can’t buy you style! I initially began my blog as a somewhat thrifty twenty-something year old and it was all about my bargain buys. I used to love a good £1 lipstick, and everyone would ask me where I got my makeup or clothes from so I decided I’d write about it and thus, Can’t Buy You Style was born.

If you could give a tip to anyone who wanted to get into blogging or social media, what would it be?
Just do it. Inspired action is what I’m all about. Goals and plans are amazing, but without intention behind them, you’re always only ever going to have a dream. Do not get me wrong, it can be a commitment and it WILL consume your life- but if you build a platform that you are proud of and pump your creativity, time and effort into it- it will never disappoint you. It is the perfect way to learn and develop new skills, which are priceless considering we live in the age of technology. If I hadn’t started my blog, I would never have learned a whole host of amazing skills which eventually led me to embark on my masters last year in Digital Marketing. With an ‘educational background’ in any of the skills (I read classics and philosophy in my undergrad!), I self taught through growing my blog and learning how to market it, how to design, how to take photos and edit them, how to pitch, how to network - the skills required and that are learned ‘on the job’ are absolutely unending and I’m still learning now.

What is your favourite thing about blogging?
I’ve always wanted to be a writer. Self-publishing on my blog allows me to do that. I get the opportunity to practice my craft and play with words! It’s even helped me land jobs in the past from copywriting work to editorial work for magazines. I also love the events that bloggers are invited to - they’re always fun, focused and with like-minded people who are hustling as hard as you are. It’s another opportunity to expand your network but also allows you to curate more content for your blog - winner winner blogger dinner!

Who is your biggest influence and why?
Hmmm, I always get stuck on this question! I think in terms of ‘writing’ - which is my first and foremost passion when it comes to me blog - it has to be JK Rowling. I am (who isn’t) a die-hard Potter fan; what fascinates me the most is the way in which she incorporated so much influence from classical history (Classics degree geek!) into her work - I think that’s what gives me a buzz: being able to use your knowledge and experience and expressing them in your own work to extend your meaning and draw on other influences to shape your work. Marvellous!

What is your proudest blogging moment so far?
I recently landed my first paid collaboration - in the past I have been gifted products to sample or have been invited to events, however this was the first time I was ever PAID. Which, is a MASSIVE milestone in blogging terms. I got paid to do something I love and it felt good guys!

Who are some of your favourite bloggers?
I really enjoy Vlogger Sunny Lenarduzzi as she specialises in business which I am always trying to improve my knowledge of as I grow my own business ; I also enjoy reading travel blogs - usually to get inspiration for future city breaks! A Blonde Abroad’s website is absolute goals!

What's your go-to beauty product that you can't live without?
Dry shampoo. I’m an addict - well, my hair is! I’ve always had naturally oily hair, which I’m sure one day I’ll be grateful for (will I though!?) so I always have at least 3 tins in the bathroom and an emergency one in my bag - just in case I need a refresh!

Best beauty advice you've ever received?
Sudocreme fixes everything. And they weren’t lying! Spots? Sudocreme it. Shaving rash? Sudocreme it. Sunburn? Sudocreme it. Dull skin? Sudocreme it. It’s a miracle cream, truly.

Do you have any goals for the rest of 2019?
My first was to finish my business website - which I have done! Yay!  Now I need to start my business blog - double the fun! I also made my 1st YouTube video but I’ve decided that it’s not practical to film and edit on my phone, so I need to upgrade my camera for a vlog friendly one so I can work on my video editing skills; I also plan to start doing more travel content - just so it’s an excuse to go on holiday more. I LOVE a city break: I’m off to Sicily for 3 days in September so I’m going to create a ‘City Break’ format for my blog to follow to make an interesting, guided reading for my readers.

What would you say is your biggest challenge in blogging/social media?
Being consistent. It is honestly a full-time job. My business involves managing other business’ social media accounts so sometimes my content is at the bottom of the priority pile! I don’t put pressure on myself and try to always show up in my stories if I haven’t curated anything worthy of my feed (I’m a perfectionist and I have a pattern I like to stick to!) I believe it’s best to post up one piece of amazing content people will love rather than 10 mediocre pieces you can’t wait to delete.

How did you get into working in social media?
Mainly through my blog, building my presence online through sharing my blog posts through social media channels. This was way before Instagram was the main player: when I first started, Twitter was all the rage. I then began using my skills and offering them to local businesses to help them with their online presence and thus, my baby business was born!

How do you balance your online and offline life & do you have any tips for switching off?
Haha - I’m going to be honest. I crash and burn all the time. Which basically means I burn my candle and then once a month throw my phone away and book into a spa. Just a little less dramatically! But not far from the truth. I do try to set boundaries and I am at the moment contemplating investing in a second phone that is just for work-based activities and then having a personal one where my life and blog aren’t entangled with my client work. We’ll see how many spa days I can get through first!

How do you stay so organised?
It doesn’t come natural, it is a polished craft. I make sure I always have a great diary each year: this year it’s a Cath Kidston one and it’s the best diary I have ever had! I prefer to write down my ‘to do’ list rather than make notes/reminders in my phone, because, like my alarm clock, I snooze them and then sleep in/forget to do them! I also have a CGD London ‘Getting stuff done’ planner which each morning or the evening before I write exactly what I need to accomplish that day. It’s great because it has different sections for all areas of your life - it even reminds you to drink some water!

Where can we find you?
Everywhere! I am mostly active on Instagram @cantbuyyoustyle,
Facebook: /cantbuyyoustyle,
Twitter: @cantbuyyoustyle,
Pinterest: /cantbuyyoustyle,

Let me know any bloggers, vloggers or business owners you'd like to see in the next one! 

Speak to you next time!
Danielle Levy

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