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Danielle Levy, Liverpool blogger, Armani, Armani beauty, top picks: armani, beauty blogger, premium beauty blogger, wirral blogger,

As any of my longtime readers of this little blog may know, I am a big fan of Armani beauty so I thought it was about time that I did another Top Picks blog post all about my favourite bits from Armani and hopefully, you might find something that catches your eye that you want to try. 

Danielle Levy, Liverpool blogger, Armani, Armani beauty, top picks: armani, beauty blogger, premium beauty blogger, wirral blogger,

I've been a big fan of Armani beauty for the past couple of years, since way back when I went to my first blogger event in Chester. Over the past couple of years I've picked up quite a few pieces, some I loved and some I didn't like quite so much. 

Power Fabric
When I was first introduced to Armani, I always said that I'm a full coverage, all-day foundation girl and the Power Fabric foundation was the first one that I was introduced to. I'm so happy that they've known brought this formula in an even lighter shade which works perfectly for me especially when I am my palest of pale self in the depth of winter. I wear this day to day and I've even put it to the test on shift and it stays put without clogging up my pores. Whenever someone asks me for a fuller coverage, lightweight foundation Power Fabric is top of my list, it currently comes in 29 shades and I could easily see them expanding their range again to be even more diverse.

Neo Nude Collection
I remember going to the launch of this collection back in May last year, I was blown away with everything from the packaging to the philosophy behind the collection. My introduction into made me fall in love with the whole less is more makeup look, I also really love that their liquids can be applied on top of powder and you don't get any bunching, rubbing off or cakiness. My favourites from the collection have got to be the contour and fusion powder. The fusion powder was my stand out product from the collection, I don't use this as an all over face powder, I use it more of spotlight powder to add some luminosity to my undereye areas, nose and forehead. I don't often bronze and contour but I have found the easiest fool-proof contour product from this collection that I'm actually surprised is a liquid one (I'm normally not a huge fan of liquid products).

Lip Maestro
I know which lip product you prefer differs from person to person but I am very into the liquid lipstick scene, mainly because I get a bit girl lazy and don't want to be constantly reapplying my lipstick. The Lip Maestro liquid lipsticks come in so many shades now especially with new additions that come with new collections, they even have their famous universal red shade 400 in it. I will say I find this fairly long wearing, I generally have to reapply once during the day depending on drinks/food I've had throughout the day but I don't find it super drying that some liquid lipsticks are (I have perpetually dry lips anyway, thanks work! So I despise having a super drying lipsticks).

Eyes To Kill Stellar
In late last year, I was introduced to these Stellar eyeshadows and I legit fell in love with them instantly, I am completely blown away with sparkly shadows and I could not get over the formula of these shadows.......they are BOUNCY! Yes, bouncy eyeshadows! I love using the navy one to make a super easy sparkly smokey eye (that's all thanks to Zoe from the Manchester counter for introducing me to it). These sit really well with my hooded eyes, normally I have problems with products creasing or rubbing off on my eyelids because of the hoodiness but I apply a little bit of shadow primer (my usual, again because of the hooded eyelids) and then a couple of swipes of the stellar eyeshadows and it lasts all day!

Have you tried Armani?

Speak to you next time!
Danielle Levy

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