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Danielle Levy, Danielle Levy Liverpool blogger, My Clarins, Clarins, Liverpool blogger, Clarins Liverpool, beauty blogger, vegan skincare,

Over the past month or so, I've been testing out the new My Clarins range from Clarins, back when I first got it I did a first impressions post and now that I've had a decent amount of time to test it out, I thought it was about time I came back with a review of the products I've got in the range. I haven't done reviews on my blog in a little while so I thought I would start a Hit or Miss series on my blog so that all my reviews are easy to find in one place.

Danielle Levy, Danielle Levy Liverpool blogger, My Clarins, Clarins, Liverpool blogger, Clarins Liverpool, beauty blogger, vegan skincare,

When I was first introduced to the My Clarins range earlier in the year, I ended up coming away 5 of the 7 items (there's technically 9 items in the range as they have 3 formulas of day cream for different skin types) to try out. I really liked that the new range had been formulated to be completely vegan, eco-conscious, plant-based and specially designed for younger skin. It also has a lower price point that the usual skincare products from Clarins making it much more affordable for people under 25. Now let's get onto the review!

Re-Move Micellar Cleansing Milk
I wear a fair amount of makeup on a day-to-day basis so I often use two cleansing products, one to take off my makeup and one to actually cleanse my skin. I used to be a big fan of micellar waters but I often found that my skin ended up feeling very dry, I never had a clue that micellar milk was actually a thing! I've been using the Re-Move micellar milk to remove my makeup before I cleanse my face and not only does it smell amazing but it leaves my skin feeling really hydrated and not stripped of moisture.

A little really goes a long way with this, I've been using it almost every day and have barely used half of it and it's gotten off my toughest waterproof mascara without irritating my sensitive eyes. I've also started using it on my days off to get rid of dirt and oil build up when I'm not wearing any makeup. 

Re-Boost Comforting Hydrating Cream
Working in an environment with dry air for 14 hours a day can lead to my skin feeling and looking very dehydrated. The Re-Boost day cream have three different formulas depending on your skin type, I decided to go for the comforting hydrating version to help how dry my skin can feel during and after work. This version of the day cream is a whipped texture filled with Shea butter for lightweight nourishment for all day. 

Normally I find that after about half a day at work, my skin starts to become very dry under my makeup and can even begin to flake and my foundation can lift. Since I started using the comforting hydrating cream, I've noticed that my skin doesn't become dry half way through the day and my makeup sits really nicely on top of it. 

Re-Fresh Hydrating Beauty Mist
I've become a huge fan of facial mists this year and they've become a vital part of my skincare routine, so much so that I had roughly 3 different sprays that I was trying out before I found the Re-Fresh hydrating mist. I have never encountered a nicer smelling facial mist, it's a beautiful floral-fruity scent that is really refreshing, honestly I've used it whilst on night shifts and it's helped me perk back up when the 3am flagging hits. 

I love how fine the mist is when you spray it, I've used it under skincare and over makeup and it has never disturbed my makeup even when I'm wearing non-waterproof mascara. It also doesn't leave your skin feeling soaking wet as if you've been caught outside in the rain so it's perfect for giving you a boost of hydration even with a full face of glam makeup on.

Clear-Out Spot Treatment
Since I've been a fan of Clarins the one thing I've always said that the one thing that they were missing was a spot treatment. Whilst a lot of my skin care is all about keeping my skin clear, hydrated and healthy looking, I still love having a spot treatment for when I get those horrid hormonal spots. I know some spot treatments have quite a strong scent, the Clear-Out spot treatment has a less offensive fresh scent. 

I put this one to the time test to see how long it would take to help me get rid of a spot just using it morning and night. I got really angry, awful hormonal spot on my temple when I woke up one morning and decided that was THE spot to do the time test on. I popped it on under my makeup and by the time I took my makeup off at the end of the day, it was visibly less angry and red, by the next morning it was noticeably smaller and within 2 days from the first application it was completely gone!

Re-Charge Relaxing Sleep Mask
The night cream from the range is actually a sleeping mask so you can either use it every night for more intense hydration or a couple of times a week. As I have chronically dehydrated skin, I've been using this every night (especially after a long shift at work) to rejuvenate my skin for the next day.

The Re-Charge sleep mask is very lightweight and more on the watery side for a 'night cream' (especially compared to the comforting day cream) so it melts into my skin super quick. On a daily basis, I put a thinner layer as a night cream and a couple of times a week I put a thicker layer as more of an overnight mask. This melts into my skin and the next morning my skin feels so hydrated and plumper. The scent of this reminds me I've used before from Clarins but I can't put my finger on what product it is, I must say compared to the other products it has more of a fresh scent rather than the sweet-floral scent the other products have. 

Hit Or Miss?
For me, the new My Clarins range is a big hit. It's not often that I find a skincare brand where I will get everything from one range and every product works for me. I love that they have three different day creams depending on your skin type as there is often only one or two available with most brands. Overall, the range really worked for my skin and left it feeling more hydrated and plumper.

Have you tried out the My Clarins range?

Speak to you next time!

Danielle Levy

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