Battle Of The Beauty Boxes: June Edition

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It's that time of the month again, the battle of the beauty boxes! Like usual this month's battle is between Roccabox and Birchbox, please let me know if there is another beauty subscription box you would like to put to the battle. I can't believe we're halfway through the year already and this month both boxes are themed around different things and even include a collaboration with an amazing stationary brand.

Danielle Levy, Battle of the Beauty Boxes, Birchbox, Roccabox, beauty box unboxing, beauty blogger, Liverpool blogger, Wirral blogger,
Danielle Levy, Battle of the Beauty Boxes, Birchbox, Roccabox, beauty box unboxing, beauty blogger, Liverpool blogger, Wirral blogger,

This month's Roccabox is all about putting Spring behind you and looking forward to the sunny summer weather and fun summer nights. This month's box contained three full-sized products with the rest of the box containing various travel sized products.

Whilst I am a big fan of makeup brushes, I do love using a beauty blender for blending in my concealer and baking under my eyes. I do struggle from time to time though as some brands actually have beauty blenders that have latex in but thankfully the Unicorn Cosmetics Beauty Egg is cruelty-free, vegan and latex free. The Beauty Egg is like a standard beauty blender style but it has a flat bottom and a sharp angle on one side, I've never tried one that has this sharp angle but I think it'll be perfect for getting right up to my eye to blend my concealer and for baking my under eyes. It's also in a cute mint green colour and only £4.99 so it's really purse friendly. I've never tried anything from Nip+Fab before so I was really intrigued to see a full sized contouring stick from them in this month's box. The Fix Stix definition is a cream contouring stick that actually dries down to matte consistency and is supposed to blend easily into the skin. I got the shade medium sculpt which is a caramel shade and unfortunately, I think it might be too warm for my skin tone to use for contouring but I could potentially use it as a bronzer.

The rest of the box is all about having soft, clear, glowing skin ready for summer. When I first took this out of the box I legit thought it was a sample size but we actually got the full 50ml full size of the Monuskin Skin Perfector which goes for £29.50! I've never heard of Monuskin before but this line smoothing cream is really lightweight face cream that is supposed to instantly smooth skin and enhance your natural radiance. So far I've tried it on the back of my hand and it was very cooling and I half rubbed it in and the fairly thick layer left on my skin absorbed within a minute. I can't wait to try this one out and see how it fairs against my dry skin.

Lastly, are a couple of travel sized products from Urban Veda and Cetaphil. I don't remember ever trying anything from Urban Veda, I think I may have gotten it in a previous subscription box but I think I ended up giving it to my mum. The Reviving exfoliating facial polish is supposed to be gentle enough to be used every day but effective enough to stimulate circulation, buff away dead skin and deeply cleanse. It's got a fairly strong rose scent which is a bit too much for me but I know my mum will love it! I remember hearing about Cetaphil from American youtubers and I remember it launching in the UK, however considering how much I heard about it I never really felt the urge to test it out and see what all the hype was about. Whilst I'm interested in trying this out, I was quite shocked at the size of the sample we received in this month's box as it looked tiny compared to the sample of the face polish. It's supposed to be a lightweight day cream with UVA and UVB protection that is suitable for the most sensitive skin. 

This month Birchbox has collaborated with the amazing high street brand Paperchase, the box is all about summer wanderlust and being summer ready whether you've got a summer holiday planned or you decide to take a last minute flight somewhere. Not only did I receive our products for June in the collaboration, I also got a 20% off for myself and a friend.

I've received a fair few of Laritzy cosmetics before in different beauty subscription boxes. This month's box contains the Lip Stix in plum which is the perfect me shade, I am a big fan of deep plum colours and nude pinks so of course when I got the choice I had to go for the plum shade. These lip stix are supposed to be like a lipstick and lip liner in one, swiping it onto the back of my hand it was really creamy and I got an opaque colour in three swipes. I'm excited to put this one to the wear test and see how long it lasts, my only problem is that I really hate having products like this that aren't self-sharpening as I haven't got a sharpener big enough to be able to sharpen it and always forget to buy one!

I remember seeing all the launch posts on blogs, youtube and social media when the new brow products from Benefit launched and I always seem to forget to check out Benefit whenever I'm near somewhere that stocks them but the launch of the new brow products had everyone raving so I was excited to hear that Benefit were involved in this month's box. I do get really nervous about getting brow products in subscription boxes because I would be royally buggered if I received a black brow product with my blonde as can be brows! I've heard people raving about the Gimme Brow as it's supposed to give you fuller brows that last all day whilst still looking natural. My brows are very very light at the beginning and from the arch to the ends so I'm excited to see if this can fill them out.

Rituals is another brand that I've received a couple of in previous boxes but I love this latest addition as we get a very friendly 70ml sample and it's the gorgeous Ritual of Karma body cream. Trying this on my arm, it's on the thicker side and even though it felt more like a body butter than body cream, it absorbed into my poor dry skin super quick with no sticky or oily residue (we all know the struggle of putting on clothes after putting body cream on). I am forever on the hunt for my perfect purple shampoo to get rid of any brassiness in my hair so I love getting sample sizes of them to test it out before I commit to the full size. I've seen a couple of things from Amika on social media so I'm excited to put their Bust Your Brass blonde shampoo to the test. 

Lastly in the box is the Wander Beauty Baggage Claim gold eye masks, considering that I am a huge fan of face masks I'm still yet to try under eye masks. I've received one or two in subscription boxes and always forget to put them on when I'm having a pamper but I might start to make it a tradition on my weekends to slap them on and enjoy a coffee and a good book. I'm excited to try these out as they're gold undereye masks that are supposed to hydrate and depuff, need I say more?!

I think my winner this month has got to be......Birchbox. For me, there were more things in the box that are products I would use, in fact I think I'll actually use every item in the box this month. I'm especially excited to try out the gold under eye masks, Rituals body cream and Benefit Gimme Brow. 

What's your winner this month?

Speak to you next time!
Danielle Levy

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