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Yesterday was officially nurses day so I'm a day late to celebrating but I wanted to get back into a routine with posting on my blog after a little while off so I thought I'd kick it off with a post that goes back to my blogging roots (for those that don't know my blog used to be mainly a nursing blog). 

On the 12th May, we celebrate Nurses day which is a day (well it's now pretty much the entire week!) to celebrate all members of the nursing team and all the hard work we do day and night throughout the year. This year, my trust spoilt us with cupcakes, massages and manicures, I'm also very proud that my unit won the nursing team of year award! 

It's been almost 3 years since I became a registered nurse and went straight into Critical Care nursing. I remember qualifying as a nurse, I was excited but absolutely terrified about looking after someone and giving them important medications. Thankfully the amazing team that I'm part of welcomed me in and helped to build my confidence to what I am today. Even now, I still have days when I think I don't know things only to prove myself wrong by being able to spout out what I actually know to other members of staff. 

Throughout my couple of years as a Critical Care nurse, I've come to realise that I truly love what I do. Yes, we have really tough shifts and days that bring tears of joy and sadness but I honestly love and am so proud of being a nurse and being able to help people during some of the hardest time of their lives. I still look at my career with fresh eyes (especially when I look up to some of my colleagues who have been in nursing for decades), I love hearing stories from my friends at work about how things have changed over the years and I am so proud to have them and all their amazing knowledge behind me. I know that should I ever have a question I can always go to them and never have to worry.

Whilst there is so much going on with the politics and the NHS, we're in a pretty sorry state especially lately due to shortages of staff and demoralising cuts to our already rubbish pay, I truly couldn't see myself in any other job. Whilst I may be a blogger and vlogger, it's a creative outlet for me, it helps me destress and come together with people who aren't within the NHS. I'm proud that through every shift, I care for my patient's and their families, I've helped to spot deteriorations in my patients, inserted catheters, cared for their wounds, dealt with family politics, dealt with seriously ill patients, helped people get up and walking after days and days in bed, gave people peace in their last moments and been able to see people who were really unwell come walking back through our doors after being discharged home to say thank you. 

People always ask me how I manage everything with working as a nurse and a blogger/vlogger and I simply couldn't have it any other way, you make time for the things you love. Whilst I might hate dragging myself out of bed at 5am, I know that I am making a difference to someone's life and that makes it 100% worth it!

Happy Nurses Day!

Speak to you next time!
Danielle Levy

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