Restarting My Fitness Journey

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I've been saying since I had my asthma attack last year that I wanted to get back to being fitness and working out and unfortunately just as I was getting my groove back I got a chest infection and like that I was back to the beginning again!  

Since the start of this year, I've been on a journey to improve my physical and mental health which have included being active and exercising more often. Whilst I may not have been 100% on it all the time, I'm currently aiming to be like 70 good/30 bad because we all need a little treat sometimes!

Unfortunately, I found out the other month that I might not ever get back to where I was with my asthma before I had my huge asthma attack and hospital admission. I used to have mild asthma where I couldn't run (I've never been able to run since I was a kid) but I was able to do like 45 minutes on the cross trainer as my cardio and could quick walk and go the gym several times a week with no problems. At the minute, I come across as a super unfit person as I'm struggling to do 5 minutes straight on the cross trainer, treadmill or bike at the gym, if I jog up the stairs or quickly walk somewhere I end up so out of breath that I genuinely can't talk for a couple of minutes until my breathing settles down. 

Since my asthma attack, I've been diagnosed with severe asthma which is a specific type of asthma where despite taking regular medications and being on more medication that a usual asthmatic, my symptoms don't get better and I'm more at risk of getting seriously ill from a little cough or cold. Exhibit A, that viral cough that everyone had the other month, I got it but it didn't just give me a cough. I woke up with a sore throat that went after I had a warm drink but then literally in 2 hours from 10.30-12pm I ended up really unwell with a high temperature, dizziness to the point I felt I'd fall down getting off a chair, nausea, unable to keep down more than water and I felt like my lungs were raw. 

As you all know I'm following Slimming World as a way to reset my eating and eat more fresh fruit and vegetables (which are encouraged in people with asthma). I've also been trying to get more and more active to try and be able to work out at the gym without looking like someone who is super unfit (although I do want to get a t-shirt at the gym that says don't judge, I'm just asthmatic cause you'd be surprised at the number of funny looks I get at the gym!). I thought I would declare it with you all my dedication to getting back on my health and fitness journey. With working long days sometimes it can make it difficult to get into a routine with working out so I'm trying to work out (a gym-style workout) twice a week and do pilates twice a week, one of my goals for the rest of the year is to try and get outside and go for walks several times a week. Does anyone else find it so much easier to work out and be healthy when it's nice sunny weather?!

Have you restarted your fitness journey? Leave your tips below!

Speak to you next time!
Danielle Levy

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