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Danielle Levy, Popcorn Shed, Freeman Beauty, Owen Drew, Liverpool blogger, Wirral blogger,

This year one of my goals is to start looking after myself and take the time to destress myself and my brain with the aim to improve my mental health. Since the beginning of the year I've taken the time out at least twice a month (I know it doesn't sound like a lot but considering I never used to do it, it's a big improvement!) to have a chilled afternoon or evening where I step away from my phone and social media and take time off. My goal is to have one of these afternoons/evenings every week to help recharge and destress me for the week ahead.

Danielle Levy, Popcorn Shed, Freeman Beauty, Owen Drew, Liverpool blogger, Wirral blogger,
Danielle Levy, Popcorn Shed, Freeman Beauty, Owen Drew, Liverpool blogger, Wirral blogger,

Having such a busy, stressful job you would think taking the time to de-stress and relax would be the easiest thing to do but it's been a lot harder than you think! Nurses are known for working flat out for several days a week then turning into sloths for the rest of the week cause your body just can't function properly after such hectic shifts. I'm hoping that by having these pamper afternoons/evenings every week, it will make me much more productive during the days I actually have to work because I'll know that I've got a de-stress day coming up!

As a lot of my time at work and even time spent working on my blog is often spent indoors surrounded by people, I love starting my pamper afternoons/evenings by taking a walk around listening to some of my favourite music on Spotify or some of my favourite podcasts. I've found that starting my pamper time with a walk to get some fresh air and sunshine really helps me to separate my mindset, working in social media and blogging I can find it really hard to switch off and get off my phone and emails so taking that time out gives me some time to just listen to some music and get some fresh air and then when I come back home I turn on Downtime on my phone so that I can't sit there mindlessly scrolling on social media and my phone is only used during this time is for family or friends to speak to me. I'm not going to lie, I do occasionally take pictures or Instagram stories because well it's hard not to think of content.

With everything going on with work and my social media I find that I don't actually take the time to relax so when I can actually set aside the time in a pamper afternoon it makes it feel really special! When I do get the chance to properly pamper myself, you best believe I go all out....Lush bath bombs, face and hair masks, body scrubs and shower gels from The Body Shop, a huge mug of tea and my favourite binge-worthy programme on my iPad. Does anyone else also stay in the bath until they're basically a human prune before you decide to get out?! Of course, once I'm out the bath and covered my chronically dehydrated skin in body butter, it's time to get my snuggliest pjs on and then it's 'veg' time.

I actually start my 'veg' time with writing my to-do lists for the next day/any notes for the coming days because with my anxiety if I don't put it out in my phone or on paper, it just constantly goes round and round in my head and I can't relax properly. Once the to-do list is on my desk, it's time to crack out the films, snacks, cuddly blankets and cat cuddles. My go-to snack in life and especially during my pamper time is always popcorn and I've been loving Popcorn Shed lately. Their popcorn is not just your standard popcorn, these babies are popcorn with chunks of nuts, chocolate and dried fruit to make your popcorn taste 1000 times better! I love that the boxes look like the cute little beach huts you see down south, my favourite flavour is definitely Pop N Choc (hello chocoholic over here!), this is definitely one for people that love mixing chocolate and popcorn and it's covered in Belgian chocolate cocoa caramel base....does that or does that not sound amazing!

Lately, I've been grinding my teeth so much so that I wake up in the morning and my whole jaw hurts, my dentist has basically said that the main cause is stress and I need to relax more so my goal for the rest of 2019 is to try and have one afternoon or evening a week to myself to truly relax and destress ready for the week ahead, maybe even graduating to having 1 day a week where I can have a chilled day and just relax.

How do you take some time out for you?

Speak to you next time!
*I was gifted items from Popcorn Shed. All opinions are honest and my own.
Danielle Levy

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