Battle Of The Beauty Boxes | International Women's Day Edition

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It's that time of the month...Battle of the Beauty Boxes! This month is also a celebration of every woman past and present throughout the world. Both Roccabox and Birchbox are celebrating International Women's Day in their boxes this month and each has included products to allow us to truly pamper ourselves this month.

Danielle Levy, Battle of the beauty boxes, Roccabox, Birchbox, Hudabeauty, This works, Pop band, palmers haircare, beauty blogger, Liverpool blogger, Wirral blogger,
Danielle Levy, Battle of the beauty boxes, Roccabox, Birchbox, Hudabeauty, This works, Pop band, palmers haircare, beauty blogger, Liverpool blogger, Wirral blogger,

This month Birchbox have included products that both multitask and pamper us to make our busy lives a little bit easier. I really like that in this month's box I only actually know two of the brands involved which I love as I really like being introduced to new brands as I sometimes tend to stay in my beauty lane when it comes to trying things out. 

First up is the Beauty Crop 'You Go Girl' bronzer in the shade Sardinia Sand which is supposed to be filled with nourishing green tea and coconut and be a long-wearing formula. I don't often use bronzer as I'm the palest of the pale so I like that this is a smaller size product because then I don't feel like it's sitting round in my makeup drawers for ages. I have super blonde eyebrow hairs so I love that they've also included a clear eyebrow gel instead of a coloured one so it's guaranteed to match my light eyebrows, this Chella eyebrow gel is great for taming and setting my eyebrows in place. For me the downside to this clear gel is the smell, it's got a strong almost nail polish remover like scent which is just too much for me to use regularly. 

This month we got to choose between two different masks from Generation Clay, I decided to go for the Ultraviolet brightening one as I feel like my skin has been very dull as of lately. This clay mask is a violet colour with Davidson plum, lime and aloe vera, all of these help to hydrate, brighten, reduce oil and minimise pores. I'm a big fan of clay face masks so I can't wait to put this one to the test. We also got a sample of the Charlotte Tilbury Scent of a Dream perfume in this months box with our usual five products, I've tried a couple of things from Charlotte Tilbury but never their perfume so I can't wait to test this one out as it has lemon, black pepper and peach as well as a bunch of floral notes in.

The last two products are brands that I've heard of before and one I've tried in a past beauty subscription box. I tried out the Vinosource serum in a previous this month and Birchbox has generously included a 10ml version of their serum to try out. I forever have dry, dehydrated skin because of the dry air in work so this serum is perfect for me, it's a natural oil-free serum that is supposed to be the perfect base for makeup. It has a really nice scent to it so this one is going straight into my skincare rotation to test out. Lastly is a conditioning shampoo from Palmers, a brand I've heard of but I've never tried out their haircare products, to be honest, I had no idea that they did haircare. One thing that puts me off this shampoo is the coconut in it, it's got coconut oil and Tahitian monoi to help hydrate and cleanse your hair. I've never tried a sulfate-free shampoo and I've had a really dry scalp at the minute so I'm intrigued to see how this would help that, I mean I could get past the smell of coconut if I put a different conditioner on afterwards to cover up the coconut scent.

Not only does their March box celebrate International Women's Day but it also celebrates their 2nd birthday. Their box this month focuses on making every woman feeling empowered so all the products involved have been chosen to encourage us all to feel like confident, amazing women who can smash anything the world throws at us.

Roccabox included an intense thickening hair and scalp mask from Grow Gorgeous which is perfect for me right now as I was just saying I've got a really dry scalp and thin hair so I really want to put this to the test with some before and after pictures to show you if it actually works for someone with really thin blonde hair. I love the scent of this hair mask as it's got a really nice musky perfume scent to it. They've also got a face mask in this month's box from MudMasky which helps to refine your pores and brightens your skin whilst keeping it hydrated. This is one of the first face masks that has actually got time limits on the back depending on your skin type which is perfect cause I normally find that sometimes these clay masks can be a bit too drying if I leave them on for the allotted time. We also got a sample of the new Tea+ vitamin enriched tea which contain vitamins, herbs, fruit and tea for 4 different wellness goals, vitamin D, cleanse (which we have a sample of), energy and defence. I really like that they're all really nice fruity teas because well I want it to taste nice if it's going to help me, I definitely want to try out the vitamin D, energy and defence ones so I'll have to hunt down where you get them from.

One of the winners in this box for me is definitely the Huda Beauty liquid matte lipstick in the shade Girlfriend, I've never actually tried anything from them before but I've heard people absolutely raving about them. It's a browny pink colour and it's got the most interesting scent, it's so sweet and reminds me of something and I can't put my finger on it. It's supposed to be a lightweight formula that helps to keep your lips hydrated so I can't wait to put this to the test. Next up is a product from The Perfect V beauty sheet which is a completely new brand to me. Their beauty sheets are made to cleanse, refresh and pamper your vagina and they're all individually packaged so they're perfect for taking on the go.

With my job and life in general, I have a pretty stressful life and I've been told off by my dentist because as a result of the stress I grind my teeth a lot so the little Stress Check roll-on from This Works is something I need to be carrying round with me constantly. It's got lavender, vetivert, chamomile, frankincense and eucalyptus to dispel anxiety, stress and tension on the go. I live for the fabric stretchy hair ties cause I have to have my hair completely off my collar for work and I hate my hair getting snagged in the bobble or getting that bobble ridge when I take my hair down. These bobbles by Popband are soft, stretchy hair ties that don't kink your hair, plus I do also regularly end up walking round with one on my wrist. This month's box includes a 3 pack which has a black and silver colour and a lace design.

I think for me the winner has definitely got to be.....Roccabox

This month's box has more products in that I'd actually use and brands that I actually know. The value of the box is also a lot greater with more full sized products in which I love as I already have enough sample sizes of things to try. I'm really excited to try out the hair mask and liquid lipstick and it's even inspired a future blog post which is making it even more of a winner for me. It was only £13.95 (including shipping) which is truly worth it considering all the products included in this months box is worth over £50! They've even introduced a points system where you can get different perks depending on how many points you have.

Who was your March winner?

Speak to you next time!

Danielle Levy

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  1. It remind me a post I did in February 2015 where I compared 3 beauty boxes.(using same title haha!!!) Anyway ...I think for me the winner is Roccabox too!! It s so odd as my loser one in my post from 2015 was Birchbox too and I think the winner was My Little Box. Have you ever tried My Little Box? I am no longer subscribe to any box but this box was my fav for a long time.

    great post !