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Danielle Levy, Burger Joe, food blogger, Liverpool blogger, Wirral, blogger,

Whilst Liverpool and Manchester have some amazing places to go for food, especially places that are quick, easy and on the go food. Unfortunately, on the Wirral there is really any places like that and if you want a takeaway you have only pretty much got kebab shops, thankfully the launch of Burger Joe in Moreton has transformed takeaways on the Wirral! 

Danielle Levy, Burger Joe, food blogger, Liverpool blogger, Wirral, blogger,
Danielle Levy, Burger Joe, food blogger, Liverpool blogger, Wirral, blogger,
Danielle Levy, Burger Joe, food blogger, Liverpool blogger, Wirral, blogger,
Danielle Levy, Burger Joe, food blogger, Liverpool blogger, Wirral, blogger,

Burger Joe has been around in Moreton for a little while now and I'm finally getting around to reviewing it and boy am I sorry that I didn't review it sooner! Burger Joe is proper food made by proper chefs that you can actually take away with all their food made fresh to order. As you walk in, it is beautifully simple in design. The black and pink against the wood, topped with lights strung everywhere making it perfect for those instagram-worthy picture of your food that we all take!

Myself and Sam decided to use my birthday as the reason to finally try out Burger Joe, so on a cold, wet Saturday we went for our usual mooch around some shops then drove over at the perfect time to get some food and take photos before it started to get really busy! Whilst there isn't a massive menu, there is more than enough for a great meal and every item can be edited with things added or removed to make it perfect just for you. Even for someone as fussy as me, there was more than enough for me to choose from.

We decided to get one big ticket item each and then split a couple of sides between us. Not only have they got a range of beef and chicken burgers, they've also got hot dogs as well as veggie and vegan options. I went for the Little Jojo with a single steak patty, cheese and ketchup as I thought getting a single patty burger wouldn't be too much along with all the sides, boy was I wrong! Even though this burger was a single steak patty, along with testing out some of the sides I could just about eat half of the burger as it was a proper thick steak patty. Sam went for the Chilli Cheese Dawg with a beef frank, pickled jalapenos, chilli bbq and cheese, this one is definitely one for the spice lovers as it was chocked full of jalapenos. 

My winners were definitely the halloumi nuggets and Mississippi mud milkshake! I am quite the aficionado for halloumi nuggets and I always try them whenever I see them on the menu anywhere. Burger Joe's halloumi nuggets are by far the best that I've ever tried and if they came with sweet chilli sauce instead of sriracha mayo (I'm not good with super spicy things!) they would be my number one all-time winner, the nuggets themselves were larger chunks of halloumi than I've ever gotten elsewhere meaning you really got your bang for your buck. If you go, I would highly recommend that you get one of their milkshakes, of course I had to go for the chocolate version because I definitely have a sweet tooth for chocolate milkshakes! My only downside was that by the time I'd taken a bunch of photos for you lovelies and got my dirty fries home, they were just about room temperature. I mean me and Sam did try them fresh in the store before we packaged everything back up to take home and they were really yummy but unfortunately this time they didn't travel well for me. 

I definitely think that Burger Joe's is worth travelling over to the Wirral to try out, hell make a day out of it and visit some of the beautiful landmarks we're famous for and then get some delicious food before you head home! I would highly recommend getting one of their milkshakes and definitely the halloumi nuggets but I would suggest that you get a couple of things and share it as the portions are more than generous enough for one person and unless you have a fairly big appetite I think you would struggle to finish it all. I found it all very reasonably priced as you are getting a higher quality food that is not much more expensive than what you would pay at somewhere like McDonald's!

Is Burger Joe's next on your list to visit?

Speak to you next time!
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Danielle Levy

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