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Danielle Levy, Christmas gift guides, blogmas, chilly's, cocoa & heart, knicker locker, Winter Retreat,

It's not really Christmas without a Christmas gift guide and I always find gift guides a really good way to find new brands or gifts for people that are particularly hard to buy for! I currently have quite a few people in my life that I struggle to pick gifts for so I hope that this gift guide at least helps one of you lovelies reading to find a gift for someone in your life.

Danielle Levy, Christmas gift guides, blogmas, chilly's, cocoa & heart, knicker locker, Winter Retreat,
Danielle Levy, Christmas gift guides, blogmas, chilly's, cocoa & heart, knicker locker, Winter Retreat,
Danielle Levy, Christmas gift guides, blogmas, chilly's, cocoa & heart, knicker locker, Winter Retreat,

This year I've tried to break my Christmas gift guides into different types of people mainly to help me organise everything I wanted to include! I've also tried to include a different range of priced products, going from cheaper products to more expensive products so there is something for everyone.

For Beauty Lovers
One of my hardest types of people to buy for is beauty lovers as those that are a true beauty lover often have all their favourite and are up to date on the latest beauty releases. I got my hands on the Scentaddict subscription service from The Fragrance Shop, they have over 250 different scents. The service works by you choosing 12 different scents, you are then sent a scent a month in a refill for the handbag sized atomiser (which comes with the first order) so you can switch up your perfume every month without a hefty price tag! 

Another one of my favourite places to buy gifts from is The Body Shop, I'm yet to meet someone that hasn't liked a gift from there! I love their Christmas themed gift sets and their Christmas scents are amazing! Not only have they got a range of gift sets for a variety of price points so you can get everything from a secret santa gift to spoiling your mum, this year The Body Shop are dedicated to reducing waste so all of their gifts are very minimal packaging or made to be reused especially their festive sacks which you can use to put fruit and veg after you've used the products inside.

For Those In Need Of Luxury
Armani Prive offers some of the most luxurious perfumes I've ever tried, not only are they amazing with such great scent pay-off but you can spray them in the morning and still smell them the next day on your clothes but I always get compliments whenever I'm wearing them! This year Armani have brought out their gorgeous Pivoine Suzhou in a luxurious limited edition with crushed mother of pearl inside. Armani Beauty also has a gorgeous limited edition collection for Christmas which has a stunning geometric style packaging, I'm in love with the new eyeshadow palette they've brought out with the most gorgeous rose gold shadow in!

How often do we treat ourselves to some nice lingerie or sleepwear?! Is it just me that always get a really nice pair of pjs for Christmas? Knicker Locker has got the perfect selection of sleepwear that you are guaranteed to find the perfect one for a luxury present for someone or as a present for yourself (I mean, we're treating everyone else and you work hard all year so treat yourself as well!), not only have they got some gorgeous lingerie cause if you can't buy yourself some pretty lingerie, who can?!

For The Health Nuts
This past year I made it a real goal of mine to try and drink more water especially when I'm in work as I tend to leave work feeling pretty dehydrated due to me not drinking enough, everyone I spoke to raved about the Chilly's Bottles (I think there's a different version for my US readers) as they can keep hot things hot for 12 hours and cold things cold for 24 hours, they also come in a range of pretty designs so you can find the perfect match for someone!

Now only have I been a massive fan of Fitbit's but I've also gotten my family falling in love with them. I've had one for the past couple of years since I wanted to start tracking how active I was on a day to day basis. Fitbit has got everything basic fitness trackers to heart rate trackers and smartwatches, they've even got ones for kids now. They've got such a great selection, now the hardest thing is deciding which one to have!

For Those In Need Of Some TLC
There's always someone in our life that needs to give themselves some time off, they either work themselves to the bone or are always doing things for other people and never look after themselves. I love giving sweet treats for Christmas (even if I get someone another present) so I'm always on the hunt for smaller brands to gift people, this year I've been loving the chocolate gifts from Cocoa & Heart, they have been around since 2011 and do everything from metallic robots to hot chocolate gift sets to wedding favours.

As I mentioned there is someone in everyone's life that is running around looking after everyone and not taking care of themselves, I found this Winter Retreat book from Build A Life You.Love which is perfect for those people that need to take some time out and have some TLC this Christmas or you could even treat yourself to it if you need some much-needed me-time. The Winter Retreat has 9 different sections for you to work through over this festive season. 

My last favourite thing to treat someone to is personalised presents, I feel like the personalised presents always mean the most to the people I give it to and to me. This year I found London Life Drawing Girl who offers personalised pictures, particularly landscapes and buildings so not only does she make amazing Christmas gifts and make you look so thoughtful but you can also get them to celebrate a special occasion that has happened like engagements, weddings etc. All her works are A4 size for only £40 (with 10% off if you quote DANI) and can be shipped internationally.

One of my big tips for present shopping is to keep a list on your phone, I do this every year so whenever someone mentions to me that they like X, Y and Z, I jot it down and then I have a present list to pick from when it comes to birthdays and Christmas! 

Have you got someone difficult to buy for this year?

Speak to you next time!
*This gift guide includes item gifted for feature. All opinions are honest and my own.
Danielle Levy

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