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For me, there's nothing better after finishing a bunch of night shifts than treating myself to a beautiful bunch of flowers. Having flowers throughout the house truly brightens my day and helps make me feel happy particularly when I'm having a bad day. I normally buy flowers in store because I like to see the quality of the flowers and the different flower types in person, so getting flowers through the post was a slightly worrying thing but I had absolutely nothing to worry about when my bouquet came through from Blossoming Gifts!

Danielle Levy, Blossoming Gifts, Liverpool Bloggers, lifestyle blogger, northwest blogger, wirral blogger, flowers,
Danielle Levy, Blossoming Gifts, Liverpool Bloggers, lifestyle blogger, northwest blogger, wirral blogger, flowers,

About Blossoming Gifts
Blossoming Gifts is an amazing website to have in your arsenal, they've got such a wide range of flowers and gifts meaning you're guaranteed to find something perfect for every occasion. They offer everything from hand-tied flowers, plants, hampers, wine and unique gifts, all of which you can get with next day delivery. I love that Blossoming Gifts are so mindful about the environmental impact of their company, they strive to be as respectful as possible to the natural world by sourcing flowers from British growers and designing their packaging to have as little waste as possible. All of their bouquets come hand tied from experienced florists and Blossoming Gifts also ensure that their entire wine operation is recycled and all the paper used is from within the UK to protect the rainforest.

My Lisianthus Blooms
I decided to go for something a bit different and went for the Lisianthus Blooms bouquets. When Blossoming Gifts first got in touch I was right at the beginning of my night shifts so I would not have been able to enjoy them in the slightest, thankfully they offered to send them to me just after I had finished nights so I could truly enjoy them. My bouquet arrived promptly, arriving at about 10am on the day we had arranged for them to come, I mean you can't get any prompter than that! When it arrived, it arrived perfectly packaged in a box just big enough to protect the flowers so they didn't arrive squished with the stems hand-tied with a beautiful ribbon to keep it secure, it also came with a hydration package around the stems to keep the flowers in the best condition whilst they're being shipped to me overnight.

The Lisianthus Blooms bouquet were completely new flowers to me but they are so beautiful and I will definitely be getting them again! It came with about 12 stems which worked out to be about 50 Lisianthus heads in a stunning variety of purple, creams and pink colours. Once I'd finally taken about a million photos and arranged them in a vase, I could truly admire how pretty the bouquet looked together. I love that when they arrived not all of the heads where open meaning I got an idea of what the flowers and colours were like but they lasted longer than a couple of days because they weren't all fully open when they arrived!

Blossoming Gifts actually guarantee that their flowers will stay fresh for at least 7 days and looking at them now over a week on from when they were delivered 70% of them still look really fresh and they've lasted a lot longer than 7 days which makes me feel 100x better about ordering flowers online because I don't have to worry about them turning up half dead! 

I'm so impressed with how my bouquet has lasted and I would highly recommend them if you want to order a gift from somewhere that has such a wide variety of gifts to choose from. Having such beautiful flowers around my house has really brightened my day and I loved the colours in my bouquet that I really don't want to say goodbye to them!

Have you bought a bouquet of flowers online before?

Speak to you next time!
*I was gifted this bouquet by Blossoming Gifts.
All opinions are honest and my own.
Danielle Levy

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