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Danielle Levy, Curve Fashion Festival, Liverpool, fashion festival, Liverpool blogger, Wirral blogger, fashion blogger,

Fashion has always been a bit of grey area for me. Whilst I've always loved it and the confidence a great outfit can bring you, I've always been in that awkward middle stage of being at the bigger end of the market but just shy of plus size ranges in some stores. It was also a steep learning curve figuring out what style I liked and flattered my body, I am slowly but surely getting to grips with it and thankfully events like the Curve Fashion Festival has helped to introduce me to an incredible range of brands that cater to my size and shape.

Danielle Levy, Curve Fashion Festival, Liverpool, fashion festival, Liverpool blogger, Wirral blogger, fashion blogger,

The Curve Fashion Festival is the UK's largest event for plus-sized fashion with some of the biggest names in high street and online plus-sized fashion and it's only been around since 2015! The festival is a one-day event jam-packed full of shopping, fashion shows, industry talks as well as celebrity meet and greets so you really get your bang for your buck with your ticket. This year they have got some amazing brands involved including Very, M&S, River Island, Matalan and one of the amazing sponsors of the event who I had no idea had a plus size range Debenhams.

The wonderful team behind the Curve Fashion Festival have decided that for 2018, they will be hosting the jam-packed day at the St George's Hall which if you haven't visited yet, you need to get your butt there ASAP. It is truly stunning inside and even makes the perfect venue for celebrations and weddings! Unfortunately, the amazing VIP tickets they were offering have now sold out but you can still pick up their standard tickets for £15 which gives you access to all the shopping, admission to the fashion shows and access to the 'how-to' styling stages.

So we all know what's coming.....finding a killer outfit! Being a fashion festival you know that people are going to be putting their best foot forward with what they're wearing, so for me some major planning is going into finding the perfect outfit! This autumn I'm all about berry, navy and mustard tones so at the minute I'm planning my outfit to feature some of these colours with all the layers because I am a massive fan of layering during A/W.

For 2018 I am living for cord skirts with tights and boots. I love cord skirts because they hug my figure and help emphasis my smaller waist but they don't fly up in the windy weather which is perfect for Liverpool because it's windy 80% of the time especially during A/W! I've been pairing the cord skirts with a slightly oversized v-necked t-shirt tucked into the top of the skirt which it might sound a bit stupid, but it's a massive thing for me that I actually tuck into a t-shirt into a skirt or jeans as one of the parts of my body that I struggle with is my stomach. I don't like have clothing that's super fitted there or having it on display, it's an issue that I am learning to love and being able to tuck t-shirts into skirts or trousers is a big step in the right direction!  

Of course, planning any outfit isn't complete without having a great base, yes that means having the perfect bra to support and shape. As someone with a bigger chest, having a good supportive bra is one of the most important things for me! I love heading to Debenhams for bras because they have such a wide range of different lingerie brands and they also offer a free bra fitting service with their in-store experts so you can guarantee that you will find the perfect fitted bra that suits you and your outfit. I also love that if you aren't super happy with the bra and don't find it comfy, you can bring it back within 30 days for a refit and different bra which makes me super confident about going and spending my money there cause let's face it bras for my size ain't cheap!

I'm hoping that this year it's going to get super cold again (I'm Scottish so I love it getting super cold!) so I'm hoping that it gets cold around the time of the festival because I am in love with this cosy striped jumper from Warehouse so at the minute I think I'm going to go for the striped jumper with the cord skirt (unless it's unusually warm the weekend of the festival then I will go for the slightly oversized t-shirt tucked into the skirt) and some amazing over the knee boots (these are going to be my go-to shoe for A/W 2018!).

Have you got your outfit sorted for the Curve Fashion Festival yet?

Speak to you next time!

Danielle Levy

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