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Danielle Levy, Skinkissed serum, skincare, beauty, blogger, Liverpool blogger,

Working 13 hours shifts in a literal air-conditioned box (yes the critical care unit I work in is under the wards so we don't have very many windows so it's all heat controlled with air conditioning and heaters) which I'm sure you can imagine isn't exactly a godsend for my skin! So this month I thought I'd give the Skinkissed serum a try and see if it improves my poor dehydrated skin.

Danielle Levy, Skinkissed serum, skincare, beauty, blogger, Liverpool blogger,
Danielle Levy, Skinkissed serum, skincare, beauty, blogger, Liverpool blogger,
Danielle Levy, Skinkissed serum, skincare, beauty, blogger, Liverpool blogger,

Unfortunately, back in June my godsend Clarin's serum ran out and I was in such a limbo with whether to just repurchase my Clarin's one or to test out something new and hope for the best. Thankfully right around the time I was running out of my last serum, the lovely folks at Skinkissed sent over their wonder serum for me to try out. 

Before it arrived I did do a little bit of research to see if anyone had had any bad experiences and basically to see what people thought of it. I did notice that quite a few people mentioned that they were using upwards of 10 drops of serum at a time and I noticed that Skinkissed have gone through a packaging redesign so I'm not sure if the older version of the serum wasn't as thick as this formula but unless you have a face the size of a dinner plate, you definitely don't need up to 10-15 drops of serum! 

The Skinkissed serum is formulated with some amazing ingredients that help to nourish and hydrate your skin including vitamin C, hyaluronic acid (I LOVE serums/skincare products with this in!), collagen and rose oil. The serum comes in an opaque black 20ml dropper bottle, for me the one downside is the opaque bottle because being able to visually see when I was running out of serum is like a cue for me to start researching what serum I want to try out next.

I love that the serum comes in a dropper bottle as it allows you to get the exact amount so you can add more/less as you need it. The serum itself is deep yellow in colour and is thicker than my previous serums, even though it's thicker in consistency I've noticed that it absorbs so quickly and isn't sticky. I have a specific night time serum that I use so I've been only using the Skinkissed one in the morning before I apply my makeup and I've found that it's made my normally dry skin feel so soft and my makeup applies really well over the top of it. I have noticed that my skin has started to look a bit healthier, I don't get quite so many non-hormonal spots as I used before I started using it. The main difference is how much softer and hydrated my skin feels since I started using it. 

Whilst it's £29.95 for a 20ml bottle of serum, I've been using this serum for just over a month now and I feel like I've barely made a dent in it so it really is worth the money as I can see it lasting you a good while and being on 20mls it's a perfect travel size to take on the go with you! 

Are you going to try out the Skinkissed serum? 

Speak to you next time! 
*I was gifted the serum to test out & review if I liked it. All opinions are honest and my own.
Danielle Levy

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