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I am forever on the hunt for amazing places to visit in town and lately I've been to a bunch of Afternoon Tea's (keep your eyes peeled for a post all about the best afternoon teas in Liverpool soon!) but I've never been to a themed afternoon tea before. However that all changed last week when 30 James Street Hotel came through with a Titanic-themed murder mystery afternoon tea. 

The other week Sam kindly invited me along as her plus one to the 30 James Street themed afternoon tea and I was all for going along for some amazing afternoon tea and a murder mystery. Not gonna lie, I've never been to a murder mystery before so I was a bit unsure of exactly what it was going to be like and how much they'd have people getting involved. 

As we arrived at 30 James Street and walked into the White Star Grand Hall, the members of the Bloody Funny Murder Mysteries were there in costume greeting us at the door. Once we were seated, we had a glass of chilled prosecco to enjoy whilst we watched the different characters interacting with everyone which I must admit was one of the funniest things from the afternoon as a lot of the men became very flustered and awkward. 

Before the afternoon tea came out, the main part of the storyline for the Titanic murder mystery happened. I think it worked out to be about a 20-30 minutes performance which was hilarious and was made up of 4 totally unique and different characters, all with different stories and motives. Once we'd enjoyed the performance we were given the ship's log of the murder with the coroner report as well as a rundown of the characters with a little bit of a backstory and what they were doing the night before. It was then time to go over the murder with the characters on our tables and enjoy the afternoon tea. 

The afternoon tea came with a range of sandwiches, cakes and my personal favourite scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam. My favourite bit was, of course, the scones because well whats not to love! Servers were then continually coming round with plenty of tea and coffee for everyone. Of course, you can pay for additional drinks throughout the afternoon tea with the bar in the grand hall. My only issue from the day was that I ordered a non-alcoholic cocktail not long after we'd arrive and before the performance started which then didn't arrive until after the afternoon tea arrived. Bear in mind that the bar was maybe 10 feet from where we were sat and Sam ordered a drink well after me and got hers well before I got my own. Whilst we were enjoying the afternoon tea, the different characters from the Titanic murder mystery came around to allow the tables to be mini detectives and ask different questions to help guide them to who may have committed the murder. 

The afternoon tea lasts for about 3 hours and towards the last 40 minutes, the acting crew began finishing up the performance before they collected in the papers where everyone listed who they thought did it and why. Once the last papers were collected, the final part of the performances happened and each character gave their own speech on why they killed the victim before finishing with that it actually wasn't them that killed the victim. They went through the characters one by one until it got to the actual murderer who gave their big speech of how and why they killed the victim. Finally, just before we left they gave out a couple of prizes, one was a gag prize for the best wrong guess and backstory and they also gave out a bottle of prosecco (I think it was for either the best team name or the best motive story).

I had such a good time at the murder mystery afternoon tea, it was something a bit different and a really unique thing to do with your friends as you can all team up to be one big group or can go against each other and see who the best detective is! Bloody Funny Mysteries are coming back to 30 James Street for another murder mystery afternoon tea that is 1920's mobster themed in September. Of course, 30 James Street are also hosting a great range of themed afternoon teas at the moment with everything from Mamma Mia to Cilla Black themed ones. 

Have you been to a themed afternoon tea before?

Speak to you next time!
Danielle Levy

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